I finally convinced my boss to buy me a computer upgrade and I also convinced him to let me build a custom PC. He was wanting to buy a refurbished Dell Precision workstation but either the price was way too much for a full size tower or it was a SFF with half height expansion slots (though reasonably priced) with no room to upgrade. While I was at it he asked me to build another PC for a coworker who was also due for an upgrade.

I tried to make the build cheap while meeting all the minimum specs and using the newest generation of components so the PC wouldn't be out of date so soon. My base requirements were an i5 to improve multitasking, 16 GB of RAM to run multiple programs, and a video card that could support 3 screens.

I was pleased with how the build went, I got some practice on the first PC so the second one had better cable management (I kept that one, shh). I ordered everything from Newegg except for the video adapters and Windows 10. I am satisfied with all of the components, they all perform as expected and work well.

I used a sheet of magnet paper on the side panel to make the air flow go through the case and out the top.

In the next to last pic I show both PCs hooked up to individual monitors and I installed them both at the same time. I wish I was ambidextrous and didn't have to keep switching back from the left to right and could move both mice at the same time.

Part Reviews


Looks good, XMP profile loaded properly. Works as expected.

Video Card

I am very impressed with this card. I have a Sapphire RX 460 at home and the Gigabyte is a much better card. I was able to OC it to 1375 MHz Core Clock (up from 1212) and 2050 MHz Memory Clock (up from 1750). Runs 3 screens no problem, I don't use it for gaming but works great on a workstation PC.


Good case, everything went together as expected. Wish there was a little more room for the CPU power cable to come out behind the motherboard. I used some magnet sheet paper to cover up half of the side vent. Side vents are positioned to blow over the CPU and the 1st video card.

Case Fan

Cheap, works great for the price. The 3-pin and Molex connectors allow the fans to be daisy chained together and plugged into one fan header.

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  • 31 months ago
  • 3 points

High five for custom PC's in the workplace! I had to do one for my engineering manager, though it's quite a bit beefier than yours.

Asking before everyone else, why the i5-7500? I thought Ryzen was at the point where that particular i5 got outclassed.

  • 31 months ago
  • 3 points

TBH I have little experience with AMD processors. Most of the applications we use are single thread so I figured a solid i5 would suit our needs well.

After looking at it a Ryzen 5 1500X would have been a better choice.

  • 31 months ago
  • 2 points

That makes sense. All in all not a bad build. I do wish Intel would drop their prices though, especially now that they have decent competition from AMD.

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  • 31 months ago
  • 2 points

I did notice they don't have integrated graphics either. Didn't know they were unstable like that. I stuck with the i5 because it is common and reliable.