Wanted to get back into pcgaming, and girlfriend will be using it to do IT stuff too. We live in a 46 sqm appartment, so had to be able to move it out of sight in a cupboard(sorry for crappy picture) - and for it to be nice and quick to setup when we need it. Silence was also a concern since we usually spend most of our time in the same room.

Our dining table doubles as a desk when its setup.

Ssd is an old one from my macbook that died, serves nicely in here. It sits nicely on the side of the PSU

Might upgrade GPU down the line.

Case: This case is fenomenal for the price. its not too pretty though: I wish the front had a better looking design. I did the drivecage removal mod, since i had no need for it. I did end up damaging one of the side supports (side-view picture shows it), but it closes up fine. If you drill instead of hammering at it like i did, it wont bend.

Part Reviews


I think i went overkill on this one - but nice that i dont need to worry about getting a new cpu if i upgrade the gpu. GF was concerned it wouldn't have enough power lol. It does... Did end up buying a noctua for silent cooling

CPU Cooler

I choose Noctua for the silence, since stock did have some whine to it. definetly blows all expectations. runs cool and quiet. This was the biggest/best rated for my ITX case

Video Card

Didn't have much to compare with beforehand, but it has performed very well for my needs. AS:O on "high" with no issues. I think i would have gone for the 1650 super, if i had the choice again tho, because i suspect the drivers might be culprit of some random black screen issues i have been having.

Its too loud for me in my ITX case on the desk, which is why I will be doing a Noctua fan mod on it.

Power Supply

Wish i had gone a bit bigger for upgrade path - but has been stellar for this build. Has been dead silent for me so far.

Case Fan

Great for the price, but do have som noise to them if they are run too fast. I run them on silence mode through bios. They greatly reduce temps - so they are doing their job

Case Fan

Very good for the price, but do have some noise to them if they are run too fast. Its a deep humming though which is greatly appreciated. I run them on silence mode through bios. They greatly reduce temps - so they are doing their job


Has been great for me. Definetly the best monitor i have ever had. In love with the stand, for my particular build. Super quick to setup and take down.


Exceded my expectations. no lag or such. Buttons not as premium as my trusty old mx518 though - scrool wheel is much better.

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