Last year (2015) I was lugging my large CM690 desktop around between my place and my GF, since my laptop wasn't cutting it for the games we wanted play (damn you, ARK!).

I decided it's been a few years and I'm probably due an upgrade, so I decided to build something powerful, but more mobile. I went through a few design choices, but ended up going with the Corsair 380T. While bigger than planned, the carry handle and full-szie GPU and PSU support (and the price inside my budget) convinced me.

Thanks to the great Roccat Tusko carry bag, this box can now very easily just go with me wherever I need it. It is my primary gaming rig, and I haven't played around with OC settings yet. But it does what I need for now.

I will add some more pics in the future, I just added what I had on hand for now.

Stock 3DMark FireStrike result - 9 846 (pre-Win10 and RAM upgrade)

Top 3DMark FireStrike result - 11 028 (Win10 with OC on both CPU and GTX970)

Update 3DMark FireStrike result - 16 583 (post GTX1080 upgrade with minor OC)

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  • 44 months ago
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Cool case with handles. I'm gonna have to switch mines to that!

Just glad still some guys rocking the GTX 970. I ain't the only one. lol