I bought a Dell optiplex awhile back for $200 cash, I took out 4gb Ram out of it, leaving 4gb, took out the m.2 nvme ssd, replaced the 2tb hard drive with a 160gb hard drive and replaced the i5-6400 with a pentium g4400 and now I’m using the i5-6400 here after I resold the Dell optiplex for $200 after all the changes.

This motherboard was bought refurbished from Newegg when it was on sale for $19.99.

The 8gb stick of ram was taken out of an acer predator prebuilt gaming build and resold for more than I bought it for after ripping/swapping some things so I pretty much got the ram for free.

Hard drive was taken out of another system that came with 4 of these in raid 0, I took all 4 out and swapped it with a 500gb hard drive and sold it for more than I paid so pretty much got these for free.

GTX 660 was taken out of the same system as the hard drive, was swapped with a GTX 550ti.

Power supply was bought from amazon for $21.99, these are often sold at around this price range.

I found this case on Newegg, it seems to be a new model, was on sale for $39.99 with a $10 mail in rebate, nice cheap case with tempered glass.


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+1 for used scavenging. Love seeing your Craigslist Scavenging series come up and it's always fun to see someone make the most of a skinny budget.

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Oh yes, wow, it is a whole series! Cool, off to check them all out :-)

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Out of curiosity what will you be using this build for?

+1 for the thrifty strategy.

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