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Build 2.1 (ish)



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March 3, 2017

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This is my build how it sits right now. It began with a few upgrades from an i3 2120/HD 6850 build and spiraled into this. I'm not 100% happy with it but it does everything I need with ease.

I'm calling it build 2.1 because I never did a complete rebuild from my old system, I just slowly added parts and eventually it became a whole new system.

My biggest regrets are the case and the power supply. The case is awesome and very easy to work in but I don't need a full tower and frankly it just takes up too much space. As for the PSU, I wasn't aware of the poor reviews when I bought it. I figured it was a solid 600 watt unit but this has prevented me from OCing my 4770K because I don't trust it.

I originally went from a Radeon HD 6850 to a MSI GTX 770 (this is when I got the 4770k) and then to the GTX 970. It was a good upgrade and I noticed solid performance gains. I used to play a decent amount of video games when I built this, since then I don't play as much (aside from Rocket League) so my 970 has held up fine even at 1440p.

I could also upgrade the RAM but since prices are so high right now I may just wait it out.

I really appreciate a subtle but powerful PC so I if were doing any upgrades it would follow that scheme.

Keep in mind these prices are what I payed for these items anywhere from 6 months to 2 years ago. It's great to see how PC hardware has advanced and is always changing which is also why I decided to post this build.

I know my pictures are terrible...thought I had more..

Part Reviews


Powerful CPU. Never had any heat issues even when on the stock cooler. Have yet to OC so I'm not how capable it really is.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my 4770k 22-30 degrees C at idle and never above 55 while playing a game or whatnot. Extreme pain to install though, and rather large so I would't get one again.


A bit more subtle than the "gaming" motherboards which is good for me. Got it bundled with my CPU and it's worked great ever since. Short on some features but you get what you pay for.


It's old and slow but still works, RAM.


This introduced me to the world of SSDs and I was very pleased. Currently acts as my boot/storage drive and keeps my PC snappy. Samsung also has great software to go along with it.

Video Card

Got this for a great price using Jet.com codes and has treated me well despite the whole 3.5GB ordeal. The card stays relatively cool. I appreciate its smaller form factor. It does tend to show its age when gaming at 1440p however.


Amazing case, rubber grommets in the right places and modular drive bays. Very easy to work in. Runs fairly silent and the built in fan controller (only two settings) is a nice touch. I love the hinged side doors as well.

Power Supply

Bought this without reading any reviews, while it hasn't given me any issues I'm a bit paranoid. But it is solid for the price I guess.

Sound Card

Bought this because for $25 I figured why not. Wanted to drive the 558s a little better and I think this did a solid job. I actually like the software so I can adjust the EQ. I do believe an AMP/DAC would be better however.


Great 1080p IPS display. Very simple monitor that just works. Zero back light bleed and the glossy display is nice if there's no glare. Stand doesn't height adjust or swivel but for around $100 you don't get those features.


This monitor left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I received one with bad back light bleeding so I RMA'd it and my second one has the same issue. I tried to live with it but eventually sent it to Asus for "repair" only to receive it more damaged. I fought with Asus for a while and decided it wasn't worth the time. The panel itself looks amazing for daily use and the stand is awesome but I don't think I'll ever buy another Asus monitor.


My first mechanical keyboard. It's great and has a more subtle look to it which I appreciate.


Got this for a steal through a Walmart price error. I'm not really a fan however because Razer's software isn't that great and I have occasional tracking issues. It's held up decently however so I'll give it that.


My first pair of "Audiophile" headphones. Also first time experiencing open headphones. They've been awesome to me and have held up great. Games and music sound awesome and would definitely recommend over any gaming headset. For the price you can get them now (around $80) they are 100% worth it.


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