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Obelisk of Light

by powerkane


~Picture Description:

--1. this is what it looks like with stock fans in.

--2. this is what it looks like after upgrading fans and adding led strips.

--3.&4. added vinyl stickers to customize it to fit the "theme"

--5.&6. cable management

--7.&8. benchmarks... somewhat

(will be updating with more info when i play with settings)

This is my second rig, first one can be seen here <----

As this rig has recycled parts from my first rig (hard drives, ssd, dvd drive} i felt it was necessary to add the link even though those parts were ad-ons to the build after the post.

I built this pc because my old one was coming up on 4 years old and I started noticing the minimum requirements for games were higher than my old rigs hardware, I would like to note that i didn't pay $1159 for this build, as I scavenged parts from my old rig and shopped around and got some sweet deals, approx. $110 for the cpu as Ebay was having a 10% off tech deal and I had some Ebay bucks, $32 for the hyper 212 and $60 for the ram as it was another Ebay deal i got 25 dollars off order of 119 dollars or more, and the gpu i got used for $250. So over all cost of building this pc was about $652($838 with price of scavenged parts).

To do plans:

add 3 red led fans (Rosewill Model RWCR-1612 120mm, 2 in front 1 in rear.....LADIES.... lol)

maybe add red led strip if i can make it look nice

-add a custom red gpu bracket/brace (idk if im doing this still or not its not needed)

-upgrade dvd drive to blue-ray

note: not overclocked as of yet idk if i will.

Afterthoughts: -Probably would of chose a different case as there is little fan options for airflow but was going for cheap and looks good, also when looking at the parts list it says potential issue with compatibility with the cooler and case but after putting my side panel back on with it together there is probably a few millimeters of clearance between them might be an issue for someone else due to manufacture tolerances.

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Brycesgarage 2 points 8 months ago

Man, I miss command and conquer..

[comment deleted]