Ok so, this is not complete yet. I am still waiting on my aio, custom cables and another M.2 NVME. Once those are in, I will update the pics. This is used for gaming/streaming on twitch. I could have gone a bit higher with the board but for what I needed, this is the perfect solution.I wanted this PC to be simple yet elegant. I wanted a bit smaller of a case but as much power as I could afford and I believe it turned out really Nice. Let me know what you think!!

Part Reviews


This thing is a monster! You can easily stream and play games without a hiccup. Definitely a good choice if are just a gamer trying to build a solid and powerful machine!

CPU Cooler

This little cooler surprised me. It has kept my 9700k cool with a 5Ghz overclock. I am switching to water but, this is a good entry level cooler. The rgb is bright as F*** and will blind you in the dark lol.


I have owned a metric butt ton of Asus motherboards. Every single z390 board to date and this by far is my favourite board. It overclocks well, is very stable and in my opinion is the best looking in the class.


I mean, Its G.Skill..... Do i need to elaborate?


Solid drive... Totally reliable and stupid fast.

Video Card

This card..... Well.... Its powerful. Like, Thanos with the Gauntlet powerful. Only costs half the lives in the galaxy.... Worth it.


I have owned 12 Meshify's at this point. Fractal should sponsor me lol. Best case period. THe s2 is better for bigger builds but this one here is the best. Ever.

Power Supply

Cables are garbage but, the power supply seems to work well.

Operating System

Windows... Microsoft.... ugh

Case Fan

Best blow ever. Keeps me cool. Love these.


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+1 graphics card caption

  • 3 months ago
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  • 2 months ago
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Hey was there any struggle to fit the gpu in this case with the fan?

  • 2 months ago
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There is not much room but with this particular card being one of the longest, I had 2mm to spare. Most 2080ti's are not as long so you should be fine :)

  • 2 months ago
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This build looks great! Just wondering what temps did it keep your cpu at with a 5GHZ OC using the fan?

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They stayed around 32 idle and 43 under load :)

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Thank you! I was getting the same combo so now I don’t have to worry about my house turning into our fireplace!