This was my first custom built PC. Used primarily for online browsing, text and document work and some casual gaming, I selected components on value for money.

I was tossing up between an R5 1500X or 1600. Both came with a cooler, which was far better value than the minor performance boost of the 1600x. I landed on the 1600 simply for (maybe?) more durable gaming into the near future. With games starting to utilise more cores, eventually having 6 instead of 4 will be worth it. Plus, occasionally I will do some video work, and it was only $20aud over the 1500x.

The motherboard was between the Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H and the Asus B350 Plus. Only ended up on the Asus because the Gigabyte was out of stock. It ended up costing $10aud more for basically the same features, however, the driver support and BIOS interface of the ASUS has already been worth it. I have a spare PCIE slot for crossfire in the future (unlikely), USB 3.1 for newer phones and peripherals and a (currently) unused M.2 slot. More than I need and was a breeze to install on. The only issue was pressing the ATX power connector in was daunting because this board only uses 6 standoffs, so the right side of the board was flexing a LOT while pressing in the power connector. It was okay in the end.

The G.Skill ram was suited to the Ryzen processor. 2400 was fast enough for anything I am going to do. I planned on only getting 8gb for now and upgrade when needed, but the only available packs were 16gb. Again, cost more but wont need RAM for the life of the system.

Started with a 250gb SSD and didn't bother with an additional mechanical drive for bulk storage. 90% of my work and media is stored in the cloud, so local storage is really not an issue. Besides. When it gets full or I need more, I'll simply buy another SSD rather than a mechanical drive. The Define C case has an excellent mounting bracket for 3 SSDs and after experiencing the speed of this SSD, I don't think I'll ever bother going back to mechanical.

I was waiting for the RX 580 before building, but after seeing the mediocre reviews and reality its simply an overclocked RX480, I couldn't justify the price/performance difference. The RX 480 is enough for my gaming habits. My monitor does not have Freesync or 60+ refresh rate, so my goal is 1440p gaming between 30-60fps. This card will happily achieve this, and was $100au cheaper than the cheapest RX580.

The case was a dream to build with. Heaps of space, the SSD bracket is perfect and the cable management was adequate. My PSU is not modular, but there was heaps of room to stuff my unused cables under the PSU shroud, hidden out of site. I removed the 3.5" bays because I didn't need them. The only challenge was figuring out how to remove the front panel, the instructions were no help and youtube was also absent of anyone showing how to remove it. Eventually I found a video which showed to pull it from the base - really firmly. It feels like you are about to break the case, but it eventually popped off. Also, the holes for the motherboard standoffs were really hard to get the screw to bite into. I pressed and screwed for ages and though I was stripping the thread. After a while, they went in, but it was concerning. My wife was also happy with its clean design, as it sits in our living room in clear view. I didn't get the windowed version because I wanted my system to be unobtrusive.

The BeQuite 500 is perfect for the build and will be enough for future upgrades. The only downside is that dual GPU systems are out of the question. However, that's not a concern for my needs. There are heaps of cables stuffed under my system which I didn't use. But, it's not modular so you get what you pay for. A super quiet, reliable and adequate PSU for my needs.

I had certain requirements for my monitor. At least 27", 1440p and flicker free/ low blue light. I wanted a monitor which was comfortable for long term use and was going to be easy on my eyes, figuratively and literally. Its a beautifully designed monitor and blends in seamlessly with our living area. Its big and low blue light features have been great at night. Its only 60hz, but with my GPU i'm unlikely to get above that in gaming anyway. It can't be height adjusted or mounted though. I don't have it on a monitor riser and its perfectly tall for me (6ft tall), but a monitor stand might be something to consider.

I was able to get Windows 10 through my employer at a discount. No brainer. I already own headphones, mouse and keyboard.

Overall the build went perfectly. Everything turned on first go, all drivers and hardware updated quickly. It runs like a dream and couldn't be happier with all the components.

Part Reviews


Has all the features you could want to build an awesome system at an excellent price and with solid driver support. BIOS is fantastic and easy to use. Only concern is the flex on the right side of the board with only 6 standoffs being used.


Ram is Ram. This was recognised out of the box by my mobo and runs great on my Ryzen system.


Windows boots in about 4 seconds. Plenty of space for programs etc. Great value.

Video Card

Easy to install. Very quiet when not under load. Punches above its price tag in performance.


Clean, inconspicuous and not at all 'gamerish'. A modern design which is quiet, spacious to build in and has two USB ports on the top panel. Only issue was some poorly threaded mobo standoff holes, but they eventually went in.

Power Supply

Super quiet and enough for a solid PC setup. Great value. Heaps of cords to hide though if you have a tight case.


Big enough to make use of its beautiful 1440p IPS display. Great for gaming up to 60fps. No eye strain after long sessions, and low blue light filter adds a minor health bonus. Can't be lifted or mounted unfortunately. Gorgeous design aesthetic.


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With the better driver updates in the rx 480 this build is ryzen in value :)

I had to, sorry

+1 great build

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I have the same keyboard, and its actually a really good keyboard.

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Thanks for the write-up, helps with thinking about my build. I also love the clean and unobtrusive aesthetic of the case!

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