Background: Hello all - 26 year old gamer from Ohio here bringing you my idea for an awesome computer. I just finished building this bad boy a few weeks ago. I must say that apart from spending the money to buy the hardware this is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. I have been playing games since I was about 3 years old. Mostly on consoles but I've played a good amount of computer through the years. My computer gaming has always been done on laptops and they were good enough to handle what I needed them for, but I always wanted a desktop. Being away for college and moving around it was hard to get serious about buying one. I've had a pretty good job for a while now and have a solid place to hang my hat so I thought now would be the best time. I got on to research buying one from a manufacturer but the more digging I did I found that not only was it cheaper, it was way more fun to build it yourself. After about a month of putting things down on paper and assessing prices and what not I finally decided to start buying and assembling.

Well..... I went a little f**kin overboard. I kind of... sort of... maybe... made a few purchases that I DID NOT plan on originally. It happens. Bills are paid no sweat. I am a little hungry however..... anyone got some spare change?

-Called "Link" because Legend of Zelda's Link is the most baller character is video game history. Don't know how that has anything to do with anything but whatever.

Part Breakdown:

CPU - Easy decision, wanted the Hero motherboard so with a 1150 socket this was a no brainer. Don't need all the processing power but I don't care. Awesome processor.

CPU Coolage - The bro at Microcenter sold me on this. Researched it out online to find people saying it was both efficient and easy to install... Right down my alley plus it looks baller as hell when the computer is on.

Motherboard - A lot of really good choices here and it was tough to pick which one to go with. I really wanted something practical but could also handle whatever I ended up throwing at it. I like Asus as a company and thought the ROG boards were sweet. Picking out of those was just preference and I decided on the hero because it was right in front of me at the store and was less than the one above it. Wanted to name the computer Link too and "Hero"... well that just made sense.

Memory - Wanted something I could plug and not have to worry about changing later. 1866 and (2x8) because I saw a lot of high end builds using this configuration with the amount of space and speed.

Storage - I have no way to justify the fact that I have 2 SSDs this size. I don't capture video (right now), have that many games or use software that requires much storage. I wanted 2 SSDs because why not? Boot windows from one, play off the other. Both these are baller as hell looking.

Video Cards - I know I know. Why? Because every time I see my computer turn on and both those cards light up I get a tingle in my junk. I'm kidding but not really. My honest answer is two reasons: 1. I read the results of some tests run from single 780 ti's and ones in SLI and I saw a difference in performance. I can tell the difference too. You may think I'm crazy but I can see it, especially in Skyrim. After an update I forgot to re-enable SLI and when I was in game I was like WTF is wrong with these graphics. I mean the LSD in my system hadn't worn off but I'm pretty sure I wasn't seeing stuff. 2. It looks bad ***.... Say what you want as a reason to spend the money but ya I wanted my computer to make a statement. I regret absolutely 0% of the decision to buy both of these. I’d buy three and a different motherboard but being homeless with a really awesome computer is probably overrated.

Case - This case is amazing. I can't say anything remotely bad about it. I actually am dumbfounded at how easy it was to install and manage everything in this case. Perfect for the hardware I wanted to put in. Looks awesome, hardly takes up any room and is a dream to build in.

Power Supply - Pretty easy choice here for me. As you can tell by now Asus and Corsair are the two companies I like to shop so I knew Corsair was a must here. Went with the 860i because it was modular, good looking, certified, had great reviews and held enough power with some extra wiggle room.

Case Fans - Decided to replace all the stock fans in the case. Liked the price I got on the BitFenix and the look of the Corsair. Saw tons and tons of builds with the Noctua fans claiming performance so I went with them.

Monitor - Did a ton of research into monitors. Wanted an IPS panel with a native 1440p from an actual accredited company. This monitor is legit and it shows off my graphics cards perfectly. Recommended.

Wireless Adaptor - Picked this one because I bought the accompanying router. Works awesome with that high freq.

Operating system - It was a tough decision not to put Linux on this computer. I'm kidding that's a joke... like Windows 8.

Optical Drive - Went with a cheap Blue Ray I found on the shelf at Microcenter. It serves its purpose. Which is nothing.

Rest of this Crap - Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Headphones. All were gifts from the year before which is nice because I didn't have to pay for them. I made their cost $0 because they were inflating how much I actually paid for the build. Keyboard and Mouse are typical Razor products... Freaking sweet, look baller and work great. Headphones are ok but I would suggest others. Speakers I had a small hand in getting and they are pretty good. Excellent sound quality that I think is good for gaming.... and I base that on absolutely nothing.

Had to have the custom PSU cables because they are green as hell (Hi Link), badass looking, individually wrapped, easy to handle and cost me $100..... I'm kidding you have no idea how happy I am to be done buying **** for this computer except compressed air.

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  • 73 months ago
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Great build, +1

I was laughing out loud as I read your description. I could probably copy and past most of it for my own experience. Getting my last part today and will be building soon.

It is funny after all the research we do...we do end up sometimes buying a part...just cause it looks bad ***

  • 73 months ago
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Hahaha thanks man, good luck with your build hope all goes well.

  • 73 months ago
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My first thought was why wouldn't you get a full case with all the stuff you're putting in there, but it looks like there is plenty of space. Those Noctua fans are pretty beast too so I'm sure your air flow is good. Overall nice build, gotta love the GTX780 Ti's AMD can never compete.

  • 41 months ago
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is your name from Re:Zero?!