This makes my third true and proper build. This build initially used a R5 2600 and accompanying parts, but after two separate RMAs I threw in the towel and bought the Intel equivalent at that price point. This computer also marks a substantial monitor upgrade, as the previous build used a 1080p 60Hz monitor.

CPU: Definitely doesn't beat out the R5 2600 as a value proposition but it serves my purposes well, and considering my cooler I can hit close to the max turbo boost advertised.

Cooler: I really only bought this because my other parts had RGB and I thought it would be a shame to have a boring cooler surrounded by shiny glowing parts. As a function of providing cohesiveness to the build, it works flawlessly. The installation instructions weren't great though.

Motherboard: No complaints. It does the job and has sensibly placed headers.

RAM: When displaying a single color, the top LEDs diffuse really well. When it displays anything else, like a rainbow effect, slightly less so, but still serviceable.

Storage: Considering the form factor of the hard drive it operates fast and quiet and I couldn't be more pleased with it. The M.2 SSD may not be the fastest ever, but it's a huge bump up in speed compared to a cheap SATA SSD.

GPU: The zero-RPM fan mode is really nice, as is the back plate. I just really wish that the LEDs could be controlled by a third-party app like CAM.

Case: The case is lovely both from an aesthetic standpoint and from a building standpoint. There was no real hiccups in the build the third time around (with actually working parts). The acrylic side panel definitely holds some age. There's no question that tempered glass is superior, but I'm glad to see my parts nonetheless.

PSU: It too has a zero-RPM fan mode and it's great. Even when the fan spins it's barely perceptible. You'd have to be putting your ears up to the case to really hear it.

All in all this PC is about 3.3 times as fast as my previous build, based on an aggregate of a number of benchmarks. I'm happy with everything and I hope to use this computer for years to come.

Part Reviews


Maybe not as good of a value as the AMD equivalent, but the Intel one wasn't DOA.

CPU Cooler

Air coolers are the bomb and air coolers with RGB underglow are even cooler.


Only complaint is that the RGBs can only be controlled with iCUE.


For the price point this packs a ton. Fractal Design has never let me down, and this is no exception.

Power Supply

May have arrived DOA, but I can't verify. When working, it's great.


Vertical viewing angles are atrocious but at discount prices this monitor is a steal.


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Nice build mate. If I were u I would have gone for the 2600x, but it's ur build and you did an amazing job.