I have wanted a gaming rig for years (10+). And for years I didn't have the cash. But now things are different. Back in August I started looking into parts, reading, researching, etc. I originally was going to go with Haswell and a 970. After reading about the benefits of the r9 390, I changed my mind. Then looking into Skylake I realized that if I was going to go for a build, having worked hard and waiting a long time, then I was going to truly GO FOR IT! Skylake it is. Spent extra on the pretty factor too - mech keyboard, premium mouse, 144hz freesync, overkill motherboard (because it just looks damn good!) etc etc. I didn't go completely balls-to-the-wall with a 980 ti though. It would be a different story if I already had peripherals to re-use (like I said, no gaming computer for the last 10 years).

So here it is! I present what I call "Red Lake"! MSI Red and Black in a Black Fractal Define R5 Windowed case. The pictures really don't do this beauty any justice. Oh yes, before I forget Official "Sorry for the potato pictures" apology - All I had for a camera was my crappy galaxy s4 that I can't ever seem to get a decent shot with. When my girl has the time I'll have her use her s6 to get some better shots to replace these pitiful pics.

Check it out - It's a pretty common build these days, very popular parts for higher-ish end gaming rigs - But I am LOVING THIS THING! Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!

Part Reviews


Excellent performance! I haven't OC'd it yet as I don't need too(Saving that for down the line). I can't say much else besides everything is FAST. All I do is game and this will last me years.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU nice and frosty! Super easy install, much easier than I thought it was going to be. I love how it also doubles as an exhaust for my case as well.


This thing has way more stuff than I probably needed. But it looks very sharp with my MSI R9 390! I had zero issues with any hardware or XMP setup (unlike lots of people reviewing this across the web). Highly recommended!


Red heat sinks, 3000mhz, 16GB - Not Much to say about this really. Works exactly as intended. I will say the red color looks MUCH BETTER in person than ANY of the photos of the product do on retailer websites.


I can't believe how fast this makes everything go in my rig. Cold boot time is around 10 seconds. Program install times are fast! Load times are almost non-existent! I only wish I could afford more space. Future upgrade will be to just pick up another one of these!


What can I say about this? It's 1TB and it works. I'm just using it as storage for media, downloads, documents, etc.

Video Card

This is a beast! Sure I could have gone with the more popular sapphire or the cheaper powercolor, but this matched my color scheme and just looks cool as hell. It runs a little hot, but that is as designed and expected. I will say it's MASSIVE and does sag slightly.


Clean, organized, spacious, beautiful! Lots of options for fan/rad placement. Lots of drive cage positions. Great cable management. Window allows a look at what's important while hiding what's not. Of course it picks up finger prints easy, but it's for looking not touching!! Highly recommend this case to anyone!

Power Supply

When I opened the box up for this I was impressed by the how fancy this PSU is. The quality of the unit, not to mention the quality of the packaging, is just amazing. This will definitely last forever* and I trust it to deliver clean, steady power to all my components.

Optical Drive

Basic DVD Burner. Bulk packaging came with nothing but a driver cd. It works and it was cheap. I'm happy.

Operating System

Windows 10 - Got to have it for gaming (well easy hassle free gaming). I will say how much I HATED Windows 8 and missed Windows 7 on my last laptop. This fixes a lot of the garbage of windows 8 and brings back some of the good from windows 7. Nothing's perfect, but I wanted the most current for my rig and all it's new hardware. Just wish it wasn't 100 bucks.

Case Fan

Great fan, matched the other two that came with my Define R5. Quiet too.


Beautiful monitor. 144hz, 1ms, and freesync - Cheapest monitor you can get with these two things. Sure it's a TN panel only 1080p and the colors aren't perfect - But for this price it's hard to say no!


Great keyboard! The keys are so responsive. I went with Cherry MX Brown for some tactile feedback. They are quiet loud (although not nearly as loud as blues would be). I don't care about the sound the keys make, just how it performs. Feels great to type on AND game on! Red LED's match my build too.


Smooth, accurate, lots of buttons, DPI settings, weights (although I haven't used them yet) and it's fairly affordable considering all those options. My only complaint is that it has a blue LED (build is a red theme). I wasn't about to pay the extra 30 bucks though just to get the color changing version.

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Really beautiful build