June 2019 I am just a simple print graphic designer. I am a hobby photographer and video. I don't play games....not because I don't want to...I just totally suck at alllllll of them. Because of all that I had a hard time figuring out what I would need out of a PC practically speaking especially the graphics card. I think I over did things. I wanted to share this because I think it is the time for a lot more mac converts to be showing up to the other side now. With the adobe cloud programs allowing the files to just be so easy to manage cross platform. If my attempt gives someone else confidence then, awesome! Thanks to these guys at PC Part Pickers and some incredible YouTube-rs like Paul's Hardware, Gamer's Nexus and Linus Tech Tips it is so completely and shockingly easy I can't understand why more people are not doing this??

USE: 1. Print Graphic Designer 2. Photo Editing 3. Video Editing

Work Software: 1. Adobe Creative Suite mainly

Most practically speaking these new processing speeds are so amazing compared to what I was limping along with before that I just don't have words for how awesome it is.

Part Reviews


Love the cooler. Love the chip. So much faster than I am use to.

Thermal Compound

If I had paid attention I would have realized I did not even need this.


The set up book is set up like ikea instructions almost. WHICH I appreciated greatly. The mother board is excellent for a fair price! Everything I need, nothing I don't.


Perfect for my build and they feel like quality.


So far so good. But I have to say it felt really cheap.


Does what it is supposed to and pretty fast too.

Video Card

I will never use this to it's capacity so, for me, it's overkill and I can't really give a fair review on.


Perfect for me. Everything works great and is the right size and it's attractive too. What more can I say.


Really for the price...these are great. $20


Fast. I was gonna try and do a built in card reader but I could not find any (inexpensive ones) that had a good review so I went with this. $17 and Awesome.


This is the screen where I put reference PDF's and emails so it does not have to be good. For the price, it's great. The reviews I read complained about the stand not being adjustable. Which is a pain but I just put a few pieces of scrap wood under it and all is well. (not as bad looking as one might think actually.)


Time will tell but out of the box they seem fine. Our power goes out.....quite a bit here? For short bits of time but not good for electronics so I feel better with these battery backups.


Nice on the tennis elbow thing I have going on but not great for fine control so far. I am still adjusting to be fair.


I like it. I needed to order a crappy cheap plug in keyboard because this one will not bring up bios. The keyboard isn't recognized until windows boots soooooooo there is that. But being a mac convert, this feels like home and I like it. I also like being able to jump on my phone and my ipad and text with it this keyboard.

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  • 12 months ago
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First off, photos are great. Why the RX 580 if you don't play games? I would assume it's so you can if you want?

Also, if you want something closer to a Mac you could try something like Linux or *BSD for the OS. The command line would be very similar, but the GUI would be different. Not sure how much time you spend on the command line as a graphic designer (I would guess none).

There are plenty of photography tools for Linux/*BSD, but no Adobe products that I know of. So it's not going to work for your primary workstation if you rely on Adobe products.

  • 12 months ago
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Thanks, and frankly I am not sure either. My computer was dying so fast I had to make some quick decisions. The Adobe Products are industry standard and expected of me when working remotely in teams. I was thinking of getting into video editing so there is that. I also work with a lot of programs at once. The Windows OS is fine. Change is just challenging. I am looking for feedback though for other people that may be thinking of the same thing I am and may not need to have such a huge (for me) set up? I didn't want to under do I probably over did it??

  • 12 months ago
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My friend, friendly tip - to much text! :)

  • 11 months ago
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Ha! Edited and Done. THanks!