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My Budget Build | Blue Sapphire

by Mr_illicit6266



Date Published

May 22, 2016

Date Built

Dec. 21, 2015

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GPU Core Clock Rate


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This is my first Gaming PC I have built, before I played on a (HP Pavilion, 15-p064us, 15.6" , 1TB HD, 12GB Memory) It was clearly not that great but handled the games I played at the time.

Now I play Fallout 4 on Ultra, Black Ops III on High settings (I know Infinity Ward has messed up!) and Grand Theft Auto V on High, I play some other racing games with my PC as well.

I plan on upgrading to a new PC by the end of this year because, well.. I'm ready for a new one! Here is the parts list. Tell me what you think I can change out for better Performance or how I can save money! Thank you!

~ Matt

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TotalInsanity4 2 points 24 months ago

It's not often that you see a build dedicated to incorporating this much blue. I like it!

eagerigor 2 points 24 months ago


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Halohoneydew 2 points 24 months ago

nice pc but i would get a used or second hand boxed 970 for around £120 on ebay

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migz 2 points 24 months ago

Benchmarks have shown that a 380 performs better than the 960, and they're usually cheaper :P, but other than that I really like this build!

ATXON 2 points 24 months ago

Hey, if you're going to upgrade wait until Zen, Polaris, and Pascal are out. (it is "Launched" but paper launches don't mean sh*te). That should all be by the end of the year so it shouldn't be a problem, just keep it in mind.

ATXON 2 points 24 months ago

ALSO: on the topic of your upgrade parts list, like I said, wait for zen/polaris/pascal, but if you simply cannot wait; consider using a xeon instead of the i5.

for $240 you can get an 8 thread xeon at 3.4GHz. No overclocking, but it will be way faster on multi-thread applications. Gives you more longevity to the CPU as it will run better in DX12 games. LGA 1150, so you can save some cash by re-using your DDR3 RAM. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/intel-cpu-bx80646e31231v3

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I've been looking into getting a GTX 1070 or a 1080 if I can get the money saved up

NewbPcBuilder98 1 point 24 months ago

This summer I'm going to be building my first pc. Yes, it is a budget build and I wanted to see what grpahics card I should get. Currently I am using a 720p tv as my monitor, its serving well and I don't want to spend more money on a 1080p monitor. Would you recommend a gtx 960 or what.

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 23 months ago


Since you are using a 720p monitor I have two graphics cards I will be recommending. The first, being the Sapphire Radeon R9 270 2GB. It is a AMD card and I have read multiple threads that recommend this and the GeForce GTX 960 4GB. I would personally choose the 960 over the AMD card since it has 4GB of ram, the latest games have required more video ram since they are getting more graphically demanding. But since you are running on a budget, the AMD card can save you about $10-40 USD.

Here are the links where I got the info!

RESEARCH: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2847085/gpu-720p.html


PRICES: AMD Card: http://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-Version-PCI-Express-Graphics-11220-00-20G/dp/B00I0D81OG

Nvidia Card: http://www.amazon.com/MSI-GTX-960-OC-4GD5T/dp/B011S6GUCQ?ie=UTF8&keywords=nvidia%20gtx%20960%204gb%20armor&qid=1465329897&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

Thank you! -M

NewbPcBuilder98 2 points 23 months ago

Thank you so much for the reply. Now that the rx 480 is coming out, and I'm going to be spending about $200 anyway, I figured that I will get that card.

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 23 months ago

No problem! I'm glad to help :)

NewbPcBuilder98 2 points 24 months ago

Maybe try slipping in an ssd for your new pc build :)

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I've been thinking about that, I get really good boot times right now and I think an SSD would really spice some things up!

ATXON 2 points 23 months ago

It's a good idea. If it's not too much trouble you should probably do a fresh install of windows on the SSD. If you have windows 10, Microsoft gives you a tool for making installation discs. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10/

One thing to note, however, is that if you're using an earlier version of windows you need to do the upgrade process first before doing a fresh install... it's weird but what it does is convert your win 7/8 key into a windows 10 one.

zerothxv 1 Build 2 points 23 months ago

Well this was the best budget build that peaked my interests so I decided to build this one as my first pc. I don't know much about computers, but it's a learning process for me. Hopefully i don't put any of the parts in the wrong spots. I wish i could see a clear build of how you have all the parts set inside, but I'll try my best on my own.

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 23 months ago

There are YouTube tutorials that help a lot! That is how I learned how to put together computers.

Here is a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1Q8ksRI1Eo

If you look in the description he shows what parts he is installing at certain times.

zerothxv 1 Build 2 points 22 months ago

Alright so it's been running pretty good for 2 weeks now. The only problem I have now is that I keep seeing a lot of tearing on the screen despite the graphics card being updated with all the latest drivers. Did your original build have this problem? I can't find any solution to it and it does this on several monitors and tvs that I've tried it on and they were all on game mode, 1080p, etc.

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 22 months ago

I do notice screen tearing, especially on Fallout 4. I play it on Ultra settings and the graphics card is trying to keep up. Try playing with lower graphics settings and see how that does, I myself don't mind a little tearing as long as I can keep decent framerates.

Also, I don't think it is the monitors, the graphics card is pretty awesome in my opinion but I plan on going for the 1070 or 1080 if I can get the money (I am on budget also xD)

I hope I helped, I am not the smartest and I'm still learning :)


angy-boyd 1 point 23 months ago

Hi, nice build.

I was thinking of building my first PC for around the same price and yours looks like something I could base mine off only with the new AMD RX 480 for the GPU. Would you recommend the parts you used in your build and would recommend this build in general?


Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 23 months ago

I recommend this build as a first build definitely! A better graphics card would help as the current graphics card is nice for mid level gaming. I can play practically all of the latest games with the current specifications and I think that this would be a great start for a new PC. I am still learning about PC building and I know someone else may be able to have better ideas for performance but In My Opinion, this PC is a beast! I can currently have over 100 hours on Grand Theft Auto and I have played it on almost maxed settings since I got it.

Oh and I'm happy that my build can help you on your new build! Thank you! :)

PS. I would also recommend getting an SSD to install your operating system on so you have better boot times! :) I timed the PC and it currently boots totally and is ready to login on Windows 10 in (31 seconds) -M

bigeman101 3 Builds 1 point 23 months ago

How is the cable management on this case? Is it ok for the cpu power cable?

Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 23 months ago

The sides of the case have bulges which help for cable management but I think this case does very well since it is priced at just $50

[comment deleted]
Mr_illicit6266 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I got the name from the Galaxy S6 phone's color "Black Sapphire" and I thought it would be neat to input "Blue Sapphire"

[comment deleted by staff]