I got a computer on my birthday on Dec 2, 2018, and have upgraded it a little bit since then. I use it mainly for gaming and it does it well and runs almost every game at 1080p, 60 fps, on high to ultra. I had a few problems building it but that was only due to me being utterly retarded and realizing I was trying to screw my cpu fan bracket into the back panel of the case :(.

Part Reviews


Awesome little CPU that runs games great with a nice stock heatsink


Great board with nice overclocking and a very useable bios, looks great too!


A little too little for a dedicated gaming run but it still runs fairly fast.


Perfect price to performance ram with a fast speed to boot!


Very fast SSD for not that much money


Pretty fast HDD for the money with a lot of capacity.

Video Card

Runs games at ultra and keeps cold even with an OC


Alright tower with poor cable management

Power Supply

Good price for a pretty powerful PSU with enough modularity for me.


Great value for the money but if you can buy a higher refresh rate monitor.


Great keyboard for the price as long as you don't mind having any mechanical keys.


Nice simple mouse with a nice DPI.


Very comfortable headphones with a decent mic and pretty good sound quality.

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Did you need to flash your bios at all with this CPU? I hear that this motherboard bios may need to be updated before installing high end CPU's such as the 2700X