Sevens and Zeros is named after the similar model numbers of GPU and CPU: 1070/7700k. It's the product of a fair amount of research and agonizing over parts on here. The SSD and GPU were holdovers from a recent upgrade, but it wasn't enough so I decided to overhaul the entire system.

Anyways, on to the build. This is my first solo build without the help of my expert ex-roommate. It went fairly smoothly with only a few hiccups. I struggled with the heat sink seating and lining up the motherboard on the standoffs (IO shield didn't click all the way first try), and the case fans didn't reach the headers without a hearty tug. Other than that the build was a dream. Cable management wasn't too difficult, but it's not perfect on the backside.

The only "benchmark" I have done was playing Overwatch for about an hour and checking temps. GPU never got above 68C and never dropped below 144 fps with the settings tweaked. CPU only got up to 65C but I'm not sure it was ever fully maxed.

I look forward to trying to overclock a little and see what the H7 can do.

Let me know what you all think!

3DMark Firestrike Scores:

15,323 Overall 18,346 Graphics 13,611 Physics 7,486 Combined

Part Reviews


Intel is still better than Ryzen for 144Hz and that's what I care about. This thing is quick so far, good temps so I'm going to overclock slightly to see where I stand on the lottery.

CPU Cooler

I picked this to stay on black/white theme and this looked the best for price and performance.


This board going on sale for 139 with a free Bluetooth/Wifi card is what got this whole process started. This board looks great and has all the bells and whistles I wanted. Lighting looks great.


High base speeds and decent price.


Holdover from a recent upgrade. Love this SSD. Huge storage capacity and good price/performance.

Video Card

This card stays cool and packs a punch. But I overestimated it's ability for 1440p 144Hz when I bought it a year ago. I may look into getting a 1080 Ti (ruining my builds name in the process).


Wayyy bigger than I thought it would be. But it's pretty easy to build in, other than no standoffs being pre installed. Fans are quiet. BUT WHY DO THEIR CABLES NOT REACH. I had to tug hard and the cable is in tension when plugged in. I may have to get extension cables. Tempered glass panel looks amazing. Expected better overall for the price though.

Power Supply

Easy to install and cables were easy to maneuver with. Full modularity is a dream.

Optical Drive

Hold over from 2011 build. Still running and easy to install. Still salty it doesn't include software to watch blu rays.

Operating System

So far so good. Still wish Microsoft stopped with mobile/desktop being same OS.


I love this monitor. 144hz is amazing, and even better in 1440p.


Xmas gift from a few years ago. Still love razed products even if they are hated among a lot of communities.


It's razer, why is the glow blue?!?


Great quality, don't like the way it wears. Messes up my hair and is too tight on my cheeks after a long session.

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Haha! Yeah I'm team simple on mobile devices. No way I'd ever go Mac over PC though.