Built this for work. Was looking for something sleek and midrange for our 3D modeller.

Ryzen has heaps of weird problems, even though it is now June.

1) for some reason the motherboard had non-standard pins for power switch so my power switch didn't work. I eventually figured it out. 2) Had cpu error, so no post. Eventually reseated cpu and it posted. 3) Only half the ram "counted". Bios reported 2x8GB sticks, but only 8GB available. One stick was set to 2133 and the other to 2400. I couldn't set them to both be 2133 or 2400, it wouldn't post. Even reseting CMOS didnt work. I switched the ram sticks around (used slot 1 by itself with ram stick 2, then both slots) and then it finally detected all 16gb.

Overall the case was easy to build in, but i'm coming from building in cases smaller than the Sugo sg13b, with no cable management areas.

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You must be like me, you got the 303

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