Started working as a full-time pharmacist this year. I've been wanting to build a PC for a while but I never had the cash for parts. Mostly being used for gaming at the moment. Eventually, I'd like to compile the footage I've taken so far and make some videos (if I can be bothered). Obviously, it's also being used for daily/casual stuff like web-browsing, watching movies, word processing etc.

The goal was to game at max settings on a 3440 x 1440 monitor with frame rates above 60 fps. I've been able to achieve this with most games however there are still a few where I'm getting <60 fps. I might do some benchmarking soon with the games that I have so far.

If I had to do it all again and I could have changed anything, it would be the following:

Storage: Went with a 500GB SSD, despite really wanting a 1TB. After installing the OS and a few games on it already, my SSD is nearly full. I plan on adding a 1TB in the future, but would have avoided a lot of hassle had I just got one from the start.

Video Card: After seeing what one GTX1080 can do, I can't help but think what two could do. Some games it would be absolute overkill, but on others it would get me well above 60 fps on maxed settings. I plan on upgrading eventually but not any time soon.

Case: Despite measuring out the dimensions of the 750D Airflow, I was still shocked with how large the case was. I have a small corner desk made of glass and I'm not game enough to put the case on top of it. If you do plan on putting this case on your desk, make sure it's sturdy because it can get pretty heavy. I had originally set my heart on a mid-tower (Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX), but I really wanted to have an optical drive and ample room for upgrades/custom water cooling.

Optical drive: Where I live (rural NSW, Australia), the internet is horrible. It took me over 2 days to download Forza Horizon 3 (~50GB). That said, out of all the games I have on my computer, two of them were bought physically. Which makes me wonder, did I really need the DVD drive? What would life be with a mid-size case?

Monitor: After seeing gameplay of ultra-wide monitors on YouTube, I fell in love instantly. My old monitor was a 24" Acer G245H (1080p/60Hz TN panel) and the difference is ridiculous. Not once have I said to myself, 'damn I wish I didn't have an ultra-wide monitor' and I doubt I'd trade it for any 16:9 monitor, but I can't help but wonder what games would look like passed 100 fps. I kind of wanna see PG279Q in action to see how it compares.

Fans: The stock fans that come with the 750D/H115i are great, they get the job done. They can get pretty loud though, which doesn't bother me in most scenarios as I'm either using headphones or have my speakers cranked loud enough to drown it out. That said, I still really want the ML140 fans by Corsair. My CPU doesn't make it passed 30­°C at idle and my GPU sits just under 40°C at idle. Haven't done any stress-testing/bench-marking yet but when I do I'll compile the results.

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  • 35 months ago
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Looking good. A very clean build with nice use of cable management. +1

I'm going with the 750D in my new build too. I'm glad to hear it's as roomy as everyone says and has plenty of space for good cable management.

Also picked up the Acer X34 and coming from a 24" monitor as well, I can't wait. Glad to hear you like it.