So I've wanted to build an HTPC to replace consoles in my living room. The goal here is a total entertainment solution that can replace my Apple TV, PS3, and give me some fun newer features.

The requirements for this are:

  • Run simple stuff like Netflix, Hulu, DVD's.
  • Run an N64 Emulator.
  • Run Steam games in my living room for a change of pace.
  • Be console sized.
  • And give me a machine to work with website development in my living room when walking to my office just feels like too... much... work. (literally just the other room)

The end goal of this is to write my own HTPC media browser (similar to Kodi but hopefully good) that will run all of our entertainment applications through one media program selector, and work with a remote.

The build went amazingly well. The small form factor kind of made me nervous since my last build was... a little... on the large side. But I think ALL computer cases are beautiful in their own way... Back on track the RVZ02B was a gem to work inside of. For being so small everything just has a route and with a little bit of planning you can get a lot in there.

I now have the PC up and running with Ubuntu Gnome and will start making that media browser. Super excited! I'll update with a link in the next few months when I actually program the thing.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Ok we've all heard the stories about how great Noctua fans are... but geeze they are amazing! This thing is so quiet and just feels like quality from the second you open the box. Super happy I went with this.


For what it is, this SSD does a great job. It's a simple budget SSD. I had this in my first build and swapped it over to this one.


When I first saw this case on Hardware Canucks I was blown away. But it turns out that all those low angle perspective shots kind of made it look bigger than it already was. I was expecting this tower to sit high on my desk, but when I saw that it isn't much taller than a PS3 I decided to my entire build into a console killer.

This new direction turned out really well and I'm super happy!

Power Supply

This part works exactly as expected and fit perfectly into my build. I'm not sure how they got SO many watts into such a small power supply. So I took it apart peace by peace touching every transistor until someone told me "Stop that you could die, what's wrong with you?".

So i guess I'll never know.


This is a great wireless keyboard. The backlighting, rechargeable battery, and good feel really help this keyboard stand out.

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to make the touch pad not automatically click all the time.


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Noctua coolers are the best coolers on Earth

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that part withe PSU XD

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Nice build, question for you. I am considering building something similar with the exact same case, and I too would like an optical drive. How is the optical drive from your selection working out for you? I've been trying to find a list of compatible optical drives that would fit in this case but somehow i'm not finding anything. Also, do you know if it is possible to fit a 3.5" hd and have the optical drive in there ?


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So there is a spot for the 3.5" drive over on the other side of the case if you have a shorter graphics card. My graphics card is too long, but smaller graphics cards will leave room for a 3.5" HDD. I've seen a video once where a guy modded the case to fit a 3.5" HDD on the other side but... I didn't do that.

The optical drive still works and fits ok. It's an odd fit with no snap though, and it's about 1/10th of an inch too slim of a drive so it sits weird. It works and is in place.. it's just odd.

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Oh that's great, i don't plan on having a graphics card , this computer will be for home/office use only, no the cpu integrated graphics will be more than enough. I guess in that case i should have room for a 3.5" hard drive then in addition to the 2.5" ssd.

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Yes you should be good. There are some tutorials on youtube that show exactly where to mount it. As well as in your manual (i believe).

This case is amazing. It's so well thought out. It's tight but everything has a sensible location that just feels right.

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Glad to hear it, thanks again for your help.

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Tiny builds are really neat.

Thumbs up.