Built primarily for high end gaming and for school work, eventually digital design.

Works very well, the only stutters I’ve ever had were playing unoptimised games. The GTX 1060 6GB runs like and absolute beast. The only mistakes I made were the motherboard and the case. I should have gotten an NZXT case for their cable management, and easier access to certain areas. The motherboard I got was an MSI Bazooka V2. It’s a micro ATX, and I should have gotten an ATX. The case didn’t seem to like the motherboard so, as in 3 of the screws had to be off, but it’s still fine.

Part Reviews


A very nice CPU. For the price it's a great deal for 8 cores and 16 threads with 3.7GHz? Holy crap! And the cooler that came with it keeps it very cool and runs quietly.

I currently see this CPU as a #1 go-to for any PC build right now. Low budget, high performance, no regret.


This MBO is very good. Can't say much about it because I got this micro ATX board for an ATX case, which I regret and should have payed attention. But if you're using this for an actual micro ATX case, I guess it would be nice!


Very good ram for the price. Minus two stars because it is 2800MHz, when 3000MHz is advertised. I had to overclock to reach 3000, and I know a few people are afraid to do that. I did, and my PC is noticeably louder.


I mean, it’s a 512GB M.2 SSD for $60 so I don’t know what else you want me to say! Computer runs amazingly with my OS on it and loading times for games need to be nerfed. I play gmod with my friends, it’s installed on this SSD, launches in 2.38 seconds.


It’s a 1TB hard drive at 7200RPM for $40, what else do I have to say? My OS is on my M.2 512 SSD, as well as high end games. The HDD is perfect for mass storage of photos, audio, videos, or random crap.

Video Card

Great card for a great price. If you’re worried if the card you’re thinking of getting will run the games you play, heres a list of games that my build with this card plays:

Battlefield V, max settings, 110-130 FPS

GTA V, max settings 110 - 120 FPS

Minecraft, super high end shaders (Sildurs Ultra) Hit max FPS for monitor, beautiful flawless 139-144FPS

Pretty much sums it up.


Getting tired of writing reviews. Gonna say it plain and simple.

-Manual is useless -Expansion slots have to be broken off -Difficult to work with -Front panel will give you nightmares of breaking it while you try to take it off.

Power Supply

Isn’t modular, wish I knew what that meant before I bought it.

Case Fan

Mmmmmmmmmmm cool things

It’s a dope *** RGB fan, what else you want? ***Almost forgot, to use iCue you must have another one of Corsairs products. -1 star.


Amazing deal. Some games are limited to 120FPS though...


Clickity click click, it’s a great keyboard, just get it already.

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