This build has been 3 years in the making, I bought a 400 dollar computer from Craigslist with a i7 860 and a gtx 650, the OS was pirated and the optical drive needed a SATA cable. Fixing that computer got me into upgrading and tinkering. I've finally replaced every single part from that original computer, the last piece switched out was the power supply.

I mostly use it for gaming, mostly league although I do play Witcher 3 occasionally as well as Battlefield 3 and a host of other random games. It's also used for Photoshop and some 3DS Max. I loved the idea of doing a white and black build, but I'm going to Portland State in the fall, so I figured I'd do some customization to fit that. The colors are white, black and green so it wasn't too far from what I already had. I used a dremel tool to cut over a stencil on the side panel to etch the Portland State logo. After that was done I took some green vinyl wrap and covered the SSD and the cable management bracket. I masked off the speaker grills and spray painted those as well as disassembling my G710+ so I could pop off the orange bracket and paint it white. Overall I'm really happy with the aesthetic, I got an RGB LED strip off amazon and installed it in the top of the case to give some visibility without being over the top tacky.

Part Reviews


This processor is insanely fast, runs all my games and photoshop needs, no bottlenecks. Runs at 4.6 GHz, never had any problems with it. I can go to 4.7 if I increase voltage but I'm happy with 4.6.

CPU Cooler

This cooler is just absolutely wonderful, my processor never goes above 55 C even under full load, it's quiet and cool and looks absolutely fantastic. Installing it in the S340 was not the easiest task, but this cooler is perfect and I love it so much.


This motherboard looks great and overclocks well, the BIOS is incredibly easy to navigate and I love my motherboard. I do have a serious complaint about it, which knocks off a star; the motherboard failed to boot when I have the RAM in dual channel mode, I have to run the 2 sticks of RAM in single channel.


Easily overclocked to 3000 MHz, was inexpensive, looks great and does the job. It's RAM, there's not too much to say.


Great boot drive, I get into windows in around 8 seconds. It was cheap when I bought it, still works like a dream and I have no complaints.


Got it from a flash sale, it stores most of my data, was inexpensive. It's not super fast, I notice slowdowns when I'm saving photoshop files but it does what I need it to. It holds my entire game library as well as my photos. I'm giving it 5 stars because it's not fair to expect SSD performance out of a mechanical hard drive.

Video Card

I got a 1440p 144Hz monitor for 200 dollars that I traded for this reference 980 and a 970 ftw, sold the 970 for 180 so I effectively got the 980 for 20 dollars.

Oh man this card is a monster. It runs Witcher 3 over 60 fps with every setting including hairworks cranked to the max. I love my GPU and it looks absolutely fantastic as well as being quiet and cool.


If I could give this case 10/5 I would. It looks fantastic, has room for enough fans for me and has great cable management options. The SSD trays on the bottom are convenient and the HDD tray and PSU are well hidden but easy to access. This case is a dream to work with, and as I have no need for an optical drive I have no complaints.

Power Supply

The cables were easy to sleeve, the power supply is quiet and it does what it needs to do. Fully modular is soooo convenient and I'd say at least semi-mod is a strong recommendation for anyone building a system.

Operating System

It's windows.


I've had this keyboard for two years, I love my brown switches. The keyboard is incredibly well built, it's showing no signs of wear, the lights are still bright, everything still works amazingly and it's just a fantastic mechanical keyboard. My only complaint was the orange bar on the side, but it was incredibly easy to remove and paint white.


I cannot say enough good things about this mouse, it's just so incredibly comfortable, and the weighting customization seems like a gimmick but it's actually very nice to play around with. The logitech software gives really great customization and I'm madly in love with this mouse.


These headphones are incredibly cheap, and the mic stopped working after a month or two. With that out of the way, I love them. They are very comfortable even for extended gaming/productivity sessions and the sound quality is absolutely fantastic.

External Storage

I got this before I had the SSD or the HDD, my original computer came with a 64 GB SSD and no other storage. This external has held up for me for almost 3 years and it still has all of my files and games on it, it's fast and quiet and it's done very well.

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  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

Where can I get a 980 for 20$

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Very nice customization. Definitely not gonna find someone else with it. Gl at college may your gaming days continue.

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

What LED did you use, and for how much? Thanks and sick build!

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

What did you use to sleeve your cables, if I may ask?

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

I bought some 550lb paracord off Amazon, a bent staple to remove the pins and a 1 dollar lighter to melt the paracord. I wish I'd done extensions from the start. They're a lot less work and it looks better. I actually blew a capacitor on one of the wires and had to solder a new one on.

Do extensions if you're thinking about this. Standard cables don't line up 1:1 so the cables cross and don't look as clean