A bit to the history of this "Dark Base 700 - Inverted Power" build: It is actually an update of my previous one. I kept the motherboard, CPU, RAM and most of the storage options. New is the case, cpu cooler, power supply, 970 evo, graphics card and the whole RGB and fan controller stuff. Two things are special about this build: The case (inverted build) and the fan controller. Now enjoy the details! :)


Yeah, an oldie but goldie, but still good enough for gaming. And im just about to OC the CPU a bit more. Currently its set to 4.3GHz, but with a bit more VCore more frequency should be possible.


Its was a good compromise between value and cost back then and has a lot features to offer. The only thing im missing at the moment is an RGB port and a front USB 3.1 Gen2 port, but thats not a problem at the moment. There are adapters available (LianLi) for the internal USB 3.0 header to provide one 3.1 Gen2 port.

Memory and storage:

Pretty standard RAM here. 2400MHz is a bit slow, but i already spent enough on this update ;). RGB not possible cause of the CPU cooler depth. Only low profile memory will fit. A lot of SSD power for Windows and games and one storage SHDD for general data. The other SHDD is mounted in an external USB drive to store backups. Its only connected during the backup process to keep the data safe. If a ransomware will ever infect my system, it cant encrypt whats not powered on. :)


This thing is a beauty. White colored cooling system and backplate, configurable LED lighting and a lot of performance (OC) while beeing pretty silent. Only the software provided by KFA2 is lacking a bit behind. Its causing problems with PowerDVD on my system.


Stylish and timeless, thats how i would describe this case. The brushed aluminium looks gorgeous, the lighting is decent, not too much. And the most important thing for my build: Its flexibility. I need to place my tower on the left side of my monitor. With a normal case you wouldnt see a thing of your precious components and lighting, with this one however, you have the choice.

CPU cooler: Ive used a Dark Rock 4 here, but removed the stock fan. Its replaced by two LL140 by Corsair. Performance wise maybe not the best, but still good. And heck, lock a the visuals :D... Since i couldn't use the official provided clamps for the fans, i had to use cable ties, but it looks absolutely fine. Thats also why i use a push-pull configuration, otherwise the fans wouldnt stick on the cooler.

Lighting and fan controller:

This one is special: Im not using iCUE to control the fans, since its still buggy as hell and doesnt even support hardware effects playback (for LL fans) during boot/shutdown of the system. Im using an Aquacomputer QUADRO to control them. The software Aquasuite works really well as a fan AND lighting controller. You only need a small adapter called RGBpx Splitty 4 to connect up to 4 fans to it. If you want more fans, just get a second QUADRO + Splitty4, its not expensive (cheaper than a CommanderPro). With this combination i have full control over my fans base on software and hardware sensors and can even change the RGB effects speed based on the CPU temperature for example. Sweet!

Cooling concept:

The case is "devided" into two comparments: The upper one is the GPU, the lower "tunnel" is the CPU. The GPU gets fresh air from the top two LL140 directly provided onto its fans. The CPU gets fresh air from the bottom SilentWings 3 PWM fan and exhausts it through the rear 135mm SilentWings 3 PWM fan (the original one from the CPU cooler). So this is one straight line of airflow (at least i hope so ;) ). And the upper front SilentWings 3 PWM provides air for the storage drives. Im pretty happy with this setup, temperatures are much better than in my old case. But sure, with a more open case theres more possible, but the Dark Base 700 is a silent case after all. And since its placed directly on my desktop im happy about it :D...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Nice black cooler, easy to mount, keeps my CPU very cool. Looks premium and badass in black cases.

Video Card

Very nice visuals and performance. RGB lighting and build quality are awesome! Although the paint job on the cooler system is not clean white, its a bit yellowish, but just a small bit. Software could be better, Xtreme Tuner Plus is causing crashes with PowerDVD on my system. A little bit of coil whine under load, but only audible when the case is open.


Very good build quality and feature set. The possibility to invert the internal layout is really nice and a must, if you want to have your glass side panel on the other side of the case. Visuals are stylish and timeless with the brushed aluminium, and the RGB lighting is decent. Like it!

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  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build! I love the inverted builds, also have one and there is not many out there, so it's nice to look for some inspiration. I have a couple of comments: 1. Why not put HDD cages in the PSU shroud? You have two slots there, and I assume it would obstruct the airflow less. Also, if not, maybe put SSD's on the back of the case, and use only one cage for HDD? 2. Do you think it's worth to add fans on top for the GPU? Have you tested the temps difference? I currently have 2 front 1 back, and I wonder if it's worth to buy one or two more. 3. Not sure if you are aware, but if you connect the case LED cable to the controller and press the LED button for 3 seconds, the case leds should sync with the controller. I have mine synced with mobo leds, which is pretty cool. Just mentioning that because it took me 3 days to figure out how to get the case to sync, and I think it's easy to miss. But you can play with it if you want :) Anyway great job with this build, it's very clean and nice looking. Maybe add some PSU cable extensions? Cheers!

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for your kind words!

To your questions:

  1. Three points here. First, i wanted to show my storage options, second one was to give them some airflow. And the last one: I know i would get some cables in the PSU shroud for the QUADRO fan controller. With the drives up in the main compartment there was more room to work with. But all in all it was more of an aesthetical question. Since im not using a water cooling, the front part of the case would look so empty without the drives! :D

  2. I think its definately worth it. Those fans are pumping fresh air into the case directly on the GPU. This cant be bad if you ask me. But i have not tested the difference yet between fans on/off. If i have the time, ill do so.

  3. Sadly my board is too old -> i dont have a RGB connector fro the case cable.

I also thought about single sleeved PSU cables, but i think they would not look good here, cause the opening in the mainboard try is not in a good position (for mainboard PSU power cable). For the 2 GPU cables...Hm since the cables can only be routed with this slight "angle" as you can see on the pictures, i think it would not look substantially better with single sleeved modded cables. Those look best when going straight down to somewhere from the GPU power connect which is not the case here. But again, this is personal preference.

Cant wait to see yours!

P.S. I have just got 2 VISION displays from Aquacomputer to show off some system stats in the case. I will post some pics when they are installed.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

hey great build. I know I'm a little bit late to comment but I was wondering about the cooler. I noticed you have two Corsair fans added top your cooler held together. Does the component keeping the fans on the cooler come with the corsair or be quiet products or do you need to but the metal peg from another retailer. Thanks and once again, a really great build.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Its never too late to leave a comment, thanks!

Those are standard cable ties you can buy in every "do it yourself" store, its nothing from Corsair or be quiet. I just got this idea while thinking about how to keep those fans on the cooler. Mounting was easy...and even if you tie them to early by mistake, just cut it and use a new one. It looks really neat, since they are also black like the cooler.

Edit: One addition: Its actually one cable tie + the "head" of a second one. You can see this in the picture in the gallery.