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Eagle's Nest

by ten8yp


Built this computer for a friend who works for NFL Films (Mic'd Up)- If you watch NFL football I'm sure you've seen it. He's a big Eagles fan (hence the name) and hadn't had a new personal desktop since 2001. HE wanted something viable to do light work projects in 2017 that could also be upgraded to an overclockable I7 in the future. With a $1000 budget (including peripherals) we set out to get him into something decent that would last a while. He did specify that he didn't want an AMD system. He already had the monitor and speakers so we technically did manage to stay within budget.

During the build we encountered an issue with the DRAM and even RMA'd a (different) motherboard because I thought that was the issue. Turns out the RAM was the issue and worked fine with a 16GB Corsair kit that I already had. We are still working towards either getting the TEAM RAM to work or finding another solution, but for now his memory is a 16GB Corsair Vengeance 2666Mhz kit. (Any help or suggestions on this issue would be most appreciated.)

Part Reviews


Meh... not bad for the price but not NEARLY as fast as my I5-6600k and doesn't multi-task as well either. Skylake was a better chip than Kaby (with exception of the 7700k) Every computer I've built over the last two years points that direction.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this motherboard. GREAT features, great look, award winning BIOS still going strong. MSI really did well with the gaming line in the Z270 chipset. I wasn't a fan of the Pro series board we tried first (brown pcb and greatly downgraded from the gaming and higher lineups). Still the same bloatware but if you dont check and install it when uploading drivers it wont be there... simple as that and it really is a moot point to me. Love MSI and their products.


Meh... not great but not horrible for what it is. I've had faster sata SSD's and its significantly slower than any NVME SSD I've used but for the price it serves its purpose as an OS drive. This part will be upgraded in the near future to an NVME SSD.


Love Toshiba HDD's. Quality drives at a decent price. 1TB was plenty for this build considering that it wont be used to download games or other high volume content.

Video Card

Decent GPU and considering its VERY low power consumption, TDP, and lack of external power cable I would highly recommend this card for most budget to mid tier computer builds. Especially considering the current gpu market and ridiculous overpricing of higher end models. Until crypto-currency is dead (or more dead than now) this is the card to get in the budget to mid-tier.


Love Phanteks cases but I really think this one missed the mark in a few areas. For one, this model should be on sale at around the $50-$60 price point considering the options available. Second point - the partial acrylic window is laughable. Scratches easily, only shows part of the computer and was replaced on the newer models by a full tempered glass case front which would make this much more appealing. Third is the thumb screws. I dont know if Phanteks purposefully made the holes extremely snug but the thumbscrews on all of them that I used didn't fit quite right. 4th - it only came with ONE cheap 120mm fan. Should have atleast came with an intake fan in the front. Things I liked: rubber grommets, moveable SSD storage trays, velcro tie down straps, magnetic dust filter on top & bottom and slide-in filter on front vent included, sleek understated look, WHITE indicator LEDs, has the feel of quality you'd expect from a Phanteks case at a much lower price than other models. I give this item 3 stars mostly because of the window and price point. It should be a $50-$60 case or add $ for a full tempered glass window. I dont think I would purchase this exact model again but with those two things fixed I can see how this case would be the very popular model that it is.

Power Supply

LOVE this power supply. It is perhaps a little overpriced but everything about SeaSonic's PSU's screams quality. The packaging is incredible, the cables are 100% ALL BLACK, the labeling is unique and correctly oriented for standard builds (unlike some EVGA psu's I've used in the past), and all in all I dont think paying $50 for a QUALITY, adequately powered, fully modular psu was the wrong move. I would definitely buy this unit again in the future.

Optical Drive

Purchased this unit from OutletPC (among other items). Item literally came with no box, manual, software, warranty card, etc. NOTHING except some padded wrap. Perhaps this review is more about the seller than the item but I wont be purchasing it again in the future (or anything) from OutletPC.


Decent keyboard and for the $40 price special I think it was a good purchase. Its user didn't want a mechanical keyboard but did want a quality RGB keyboard so this was a natural choice, particularly since I already own one and could vouch for its features, value, and quality.


First time using or purchasing this mouse and I'm honestly a big fan. It doesn't have quite the feel or functionality (with extra buttons) of its big brother the M65 Pro but for most users and a lower price tag ($30), I like it a lot and would purchase it again.

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Boom_OG 3 Builds 1 point 20 months ago

Thank you so much for finally adding a review to the mobo! I've been waiting for someone to comment on their build with this particular mobo but no avail. Besides the ram was any other issues presented later in with the build?

ten8yp submitter 5 Builds 2 points 20 months ago

no issues at all other than the RAM. We have a replacement set from Team on the way and they ensure me that it should work this time. Other than that, the Tomahawk Arctic has been perfect. LOVE the look design aesthetically and functionally it's performed perfectly. The issue was with the original set of memory which TEAM believes may have been a 3200MHz version that got mislabeled somehow. I also didn't care for the MSI Pro Z270 mobo so we returned/exchanged it for the Tomahawk Arctic. Hopefully someday soon I will get to put an overclocking chip (I7-7700k) in this thing and see what it can really do.

Boom_OG 3 Builds 2 points 20 months ago

Thank you for the fast reply! I myself am going with a 7700k for my build this next month. Please upload more info/pics when you do fit the i7 in! I'm curious to see how well it oc's. Thanks again!

ten8yp submitter 5 Builds 1 point 20 months ago

Will do! Also look out for my upcoming personal build called Ancalagon which features the MSI Tomahawk Arctic and an I7-7700k along with some other white goodies. Here's the link to the parts list... https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kDDhHN

Boom_OG 3 Builds 2 points 20 months ago

Sweet! I'll send you my parts list as well so you can see it.

ten8yp submitter 5 Builds 1 point 20 months ago

Kraken X62 will be awesome... Make sure you are aware that 3200Mhz RAM you have in that list isn't compatible with the motherboard from the factory so you will have to do a BIOS update on the motherboard. Tomahawk Arctic only goes up to 3000 (from the factory) sadly but the new BIOS updates solved those issues. Probably the only drawback of this motherboard and not a huge deal if you've done BIOS updates before. Here's the link to MSI's compatibility chart: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z270-TOMAHAWK.html#support-mem

Other than that it looks like an amazing build. Cant wait to see pics!

[comment deleted by staff]
manirelli staff 8 Builds 2 points 20 months ago

Please keep feedback polite and constructive.

[comment deleted by staff]
ten8yp submitter 5 Builds 1 point 20 months ago

Thanks for the feedback... the pc's owner/user watches Blurays and DVD's on his PC and wanted this option above several others I suggested. (Notice this is the BluRay writer version) To him it was a must have. If not, I probably would have gone with a different case and used the $50ish to upgrade the cooler to an AIO or even a better cpu. Still, knowing this computers owner I doubt this is the final form by any means.

Also... I need to upload current pics with the Tomahawk Arctic motherboard. Its a VERY impressive unit to say the least. The board in the pics is the MSI Pro Z270 which I was not a fan of at all and got RMA'd. Brown PCB's should be eliminated all together.