My first watercooling build! Not being a very RGB person, I went for a full black theme and added some gold fittings for a clean, classy look. I'm a sucker for white coolant, and figured it would complement the build in this classy theme.

Temps are floating around 23C idle, and hit 51C as a maximum for short gaming periods on both the CPU and GPU. For a full day's gaming session, the GPU can hit 58C. This is having all three radiator fans at 75% speed to avoid the jet engine sound of an open air case running 2350rpm fans at 100%.

GPU clocks 1960Mhz boosted steady playing games. CPU clocks 4.2ghz on all cores

Building was easier than i had thought. This was my second build ever. With my funky and spacious bends being handmade without measuring to rush some tests, it turned out ok, but I'd make some new ones was I to work on this system in a year, especially this odd GPU to CPU one, poor fella. Probably invest in some 90 degree fittings too.

I'd suggest keeping in mind that for an EK D5 pump to be mounted on a 50+mm rad in this case using the EK radiator mount bracket, even 90 degree fittings wont be able to keep the tubing inside of the glass panel, and the latter wont be able to be mounted on the case. Should you rotate the pump to face the right side, this might be another story, but then you'd have tubing out the front of the case..

Also, notice the Lego piece helping the GPU stand straight. The waterblock is very heavy, and the sag was unreal. Too much tension is too much tension, and i don't believe it would've lasted a day.

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

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  • 13 months ago
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Sheesh, For minimal RGB, That build looks Amazing.