This build is purely for gaming; nothing else. I plan on grabbing a Kaby Lake CPU when they are available but for now I got an amazing deal on an i5 6600 so it will hold me over for a couple of months. My goal with this build was to put together a solid 1440p gaming machine with a < $1500 budget in mind. The Phanteks case was great to build in and the airflow is not bad at all (some are complaining about temps but I have had zero issues). When I upgrade to an unlocked Kaby Lake CPU I may consider an AIO liquid cooler but this case really lends itself more to an air cooler. I do like to try new cases frequently so I may end up switching to something new when I upgrade my CPU but for now this case is solid and looks great. The parts list does not reflect what I was actually able to get my parts for (after sales and rebates) but even with the new ASUS ROG Swift monitor I cam in just over budget at $1600. I decided to go with a Red/Black/Grey color scheme and tried to stick with ASUS Rog components where I could; I have been very happy with this build; Black Friday pricing on newegg really helped me save some $$

Part Reviews


Great quad core CPU. I was able to get it for $160 so I could not pass it up.

CPU Cooler

My favorite budget friendly aftermarket CPU cooler; dropped my temps considerably I would recommend this to anyone looking for a budget solution that is much quieter than the stock cooler


I read mixed reviews on this board and was hesitant to purchase it but I got a great deal and it has been very solid so far. Comes with a good number of features and the grey/black/red coloring is awesome


solid memory; I find myself always buying low profile now as you rarely need to worry about it fitting in almost any build


decent budget SSD. I got it for $32.99 otherwise I would have gone with something else. I would not recommend this to be honest but it does for now


great 7200RPM drive for storage. I got 2 of them for free

Video Card

this card is a beast. Not only is the performance outstanding but the aesthetics are awesome. In my opinion this is one of the best looking GTX 1070 cards available. I usually go with EVGA but their 10 series cards have been a little ugly. I love the backplate too; very solid card.


this is one of my favorite cases under $100. It is very solid and was very easy to build in. I wish that it supported a top mounted rad but other than that I have no real complaints

Power Supply

it's a Seasonic 80 PLus Gold PSU, need I say more? JonnyGuru gives it a 9.8 out of 10. My only complaint is the colored cables for the main power connector


this monitor is amazing; absolutely love it. Before this I had a 60hz 1440p IPS monitor that I thought was great but this thing is on a whole new level. I purchased it refurbished from newegg and could not be happier. I just wish it had one more displayport


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yeah, usually do. I am holding out for a i7-7700K and got the i5 for cheap; it's been great so far