My goal was a simple one, to make a very capable 1080p gaming machine. That was simple enough and since then I've made it my goal to try to make it look super cool as well. I finally feel as if I've fully completed both of these goals and I think it turned out better than expected! Only parts not listed are the Hue+ for the lights and the cablemod psu extensions. Also noted that I custom painted the cable shroud a matte white instead of the blue that it came with.

Any questions very welcome and I will answer as promptly as I can.

Processor is overclocked to 4.7Ghz @ 1.390 volts.

Planed upgrades in due time are a 1440p 144hz monitor and a GTX 1080,2070, or 2080 depending what is available this holiday season.

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I went with the 6600k because I got it on sale at MicroCenter for $160. And as for the cooler It's a recent upgrade from my old Cooler Master Evo 212! I'm running at high enough clock speed i shouldn't have any issue with CPU bottleneck for a few years no matter the card I decide to get. If I do run into that situation I will upgrade to the 7700k or better, whenever that might be.

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