The PC that I used before this one was a Dell Inspiron 3847 with an dual core i3, 4 GB of RAM, no GPU, and also only a HDD, so this is a very big improvement over it. I also have an XBox One, but the R6 community is toxic on there and there are always connection problems and I have to pay to use online services. I am 17 rn, so this was pretty fun to build.

I use this PC to play games and I will use it to edit videos and stream in the future. My main game right now is Rainbow Six Siege, so I will try to record mostly ranked footage with Relive. The Ryzen 7 1700 does seem a bit overkill for this build, but it was at 180$, so I decide to pick it up. And yes, I know, I should have bought faster RAM, but that was a mistake on my part.

Games that I have tested so far are Rainbow Six Siege and GTA V, and I can easily manage at least 100 FPS on R6S, and at least 60 on GTA V, both on Ultra. Nice to see how well the RX 580 8GB is performing, especially with a 144hz monitor. If anyone is interested with playing on Siege with me, my Uplay is BEN.SHAP1RO.

I have not tested any of the temps; however, I have OCed the R7 1700 to 3.8 @ 1.35 V. I attempted 4ghz, but I was crashing, so I stepped back a bit. I also tried to XMP the RAM to 2666 @ 1.35 V, but every time it did it, there was a blue screen. I will try to replace the RAM ASAP, preferably with a kit that has CL15 3000 or CL16 3200, and I might try to go for B-die if I can. I may also replace the motherboard with ASUS or MSI, as the RGB software on my board is crap. I will probably try to update the info with GPU and CPU temps if I can.

The stuff I bought was mostly off of Amazon, with a few exceptions: The case and mobo were bought off of Newegg, the monitor and Corsair gaming bundle was bought from Best Buy on Black Friday, and the RAM, Graphics Card, and AIO were bought off of private sellers on r/hardwareswap. Overall, these items have very good quality, and I got them at reasonable prices. Amazon Prime also happened to ship these things very quickly. I did not include shipping costs.

And that is my build. I will try to add more stuff and update this build as much as I can.

Part Reviews


I really like this chip, as it is first gen Ryzen, but I can’t get to 4ghz, but honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. This will be a very handy chip that will carry its weight in benchmarks, games, streaming and video editing.

CPU Cooler

Really like this cooler, as it was easy to install, but the included screws aren’t very good at being secure. Every time It booted, it would rattle, but I was able to fix them with new fans. The iCue software is also easy to work with.

Thermal Compound

Thermal paste is pretty good, but should have gotten Hydronaut, as I have heard it is good for water cooling. I will use the same kit I have for another build in the future.


It was easy to access and look at the BIOS, but there are a few problems. I cannot XMP the RAM at all, and the RGB software isn’t very reliable, but I can OC my chip fairly well, and I also like the color of the PCB. The VRMs are also pretty good on this board as I have heard. 60$ is a pretty good bargain, but I would spend money elsewhere on a different X370 or even a B350 or B450, as they have a probably a bit more feature rich BIOS.


Cant get to 2666, but that is my fault. I will try to get faster RAM with lower CAS latency, and will also try to get Samsung B-die if I can, as I have heard that it is best with Ryzen. In the meantime, it is pretty good for my needs, and I am willing to sacrifice some FPS.


This is my OS drive, and it boots into windows start screen in less than 10 seconds. I am already in my desktop in less than 1 minute, to say the least. It also loads my stuff pretty quickly, and I like the DIY heatsink sticker also. NVMe is awesome.


I haven’t been kicked out of a match in Siege for taking too long to load yet, so I would say that this works pretty damn well. It also loads my other games and apps pretty quickly.


I will use this to store large files like videos and stuff like that. Stuff I can hold out on waiting on, but is large.

Video Card

Jesus, this thing is awesome. I have Siege graphics settings set to High, and this only uses 2 GB of VRAM. It is also able to run Siege at at least 100 fps. On top of that, the fans never even have to spin, and the RGB on this is amazing. I think the GDDR5 on this is also made by Samsung, so that is another plus. Overall, I am very impressed with this card.


This case is a pretty damn nice bargain. It has RGB on it, but I cannot use it, as the motherboard doesn’t support it. I also wish the PSU bay was easier to access, as it is part of the chassis, but overall, this case excessed my expectations. I am not that concerned about airflow in this case also, and it is easy to access vital items like starge devices and cables. The TG is also pretty damn good on this case.

Power Supply

Good PSU with a nice warranty and excellent customer service by EVGA. Should have gotten an 80+ Gold and fully modular unit, but it is good for my needs.

Case Fan

Pretty quiet, but can‘t turn on RGB, as the software on my mobo is bad, but it’s fine. I don’t really care about RGB that much anyways.


Not mechanical, but it will do pretty well. Kinda wish the white looked less blue and this was TKL, but it is nice, especially with the black wrist pad thing. Came with the Corsair bundle too.


Like the shape of this mouse, but I can’t use the side buttons on the right and top for keybinds on Siege, but it is good right now. The software is kinda hard to work with tho. This will be my daily driver.


Don’t really like the shape of this mouse, as it curves down in the right, but I can live with it. The G300S will be my daily driver, but this will be a backup just in case. It also came with the bundle too.


I like the sound quality of this headset. Could have bought the HS60 for 7.1 audio, but this came with the Corsair Essential Wired Gaming Bundle, so won’t complain.


Good size for playing fps games, but takes up a good amount of space on my desk. Came with Corsair bundle.


Love the overall stuff that comes with this bundle, but kinda wish it had a better mouse. I think this is also only available at Best Buy too.

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  • 15 months ago
  • 3 points

Ryzen rocks! Good build

  • 15 months ago
  • 2 points

Thank you

  • 14 months ago
  • 2 points

you can download software and use macros for your mouse (look it up)

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

What the name of the software, i have x mouse, but i dont think that it is good.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

your mouse should have software on the website