Let me say this is my first build in about 15+ years. I decided to build my own PC after hearing about AMD deciding to make decent chips again. I know people are going to say why get a 1600x and not a 1600 why not a b350 instead of a x370.... I took 4 months acquiring parts on ebay, craigslist, newegg, amazon, and other random sites. I set my budget at 2500 for computer and desk and chair...I failed I ended up closer to 2700 after tax and shipping. I still got my same 69.00 Walmart desk Ikea chair. I bought parts that I came across at a good price so I kept my options open. I really wanted a Vega 64 to keep everything AMD, but they sold out too quick and by the time they were instock I was like crap now they are like 650+. I might as well just get a GTX 1070 to save money thinking about 350ish but they were hovering closer to 1080 territory so I spent a little more to get a MSI 1080 and I'm happy. I got this 850 watt PSU because it was modular, RGB and onsale and if I endup doing SLI I'm more than ready. I got this case because I loved the size and had removable drive bays and tons of spots for fans. The case is great the fans are a little frustrating they have to be hooked up to hubs(only 3 to a hub) so I have 3 hubs for fans and another hub for the RGB strips. The cable management was "fun". I really wish Thermaltake just had like a 10 fan hub and I would have been golden. This case has great airflow the bottom and front are intakes and the back and top are exhaust. Everything stays real cool. I kinda splurged on the monitor), but it was about 100 bucks off and I couldn't pass it up.

All in all this was a real easy build it took about 1 hour to unbox and put together then another hour to cable manage. I will get a new desk and chair in the next couple of months.

Thanks for making it this far with my rambling(I'm scatter brained) I take feedback pretty good so let me know what you might do different or if its ok.

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  • 30 months ago
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nice job. a bit overkill. lol I would keep the desk though. At this price, why not go custom liquid? or at lease an AIO?

  • 30 months ago
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If I bought everything all at once I would have done things differently (1800x, took a chance at a custom loop, or an aio.)I'm still getting used to the idea of putting water in a PC on purpose. The last pc I built had a Slot A Athlon Everything since then was intel something 1000 dollar pc's that have no character. I'm happy with it but I will try something with water next time.

  • 29 months ago
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Dyde I bought This PC and I dont know How to Build it lol

  • 28 months ago
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YouTube is your friend.

  • 25 months ago
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It is ok 2 put 2 fans in this Cooler if it is ok and can be

Can u tell me how cuz i am also welling 2 fans in it

  • 18 months ago
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Beautiful PC, which framerate do you get on GTA?

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