Put together but planning on updating periodically. Purchased a 280 Arctic AIO but it did not fit with the heat sinks on the RAM I purchased. So, I may swap out to a smaller height 280 to put on the Top of the case OR, since my temps are low (70-75C During stress tests) I may as well stick with air cool and convert this to a Noctua cooled rig. Any opinions and/or suggestions will be appreciated.

Also, I am thinking of purchasing Cablemod extensions since it has a non-modular PSU. Not sure when, so there is a possibility that depending on how long it takes me to decide, I may just replace the current PSU with a modular PSU instead.

Last change I expect to make is... MORE STORAGE! I really was just trying to pinch some pennies with this build and figured I would purchase more storage later on.

Performance has been great, I have not manually configured much, just tweaked the RAM timings a bit (no freq change), which just that boosted my 1440p 3Dmark Time Spy CPU score from 9,938 to 10,450 with a 2-3 fps jump (Max turbo core clock 4.380 MHz). Caught me a bit off guard so I proceeded to revert the changes, test, apply changes, test, and they reflected the same gain. So, with those results, I am a bit excited to proceed with further tweaking, but it is definitely not needed, just for fun. In games, I am getting roughly 65-70 FPS 1440p Max settings in AC Odyssey and 110-115 FPS 1440p Max settings in Destiny 2. GPU hitting temps of 75-80C and Junction temp of 85-90 Max load. I am extremely happy with the results I have got out of this. This is my first AMD build in a long time, kind of went full Anti-AMD, rightfully so, and was initially against the idea but, with their recent track record I figured I could not say no. I was really close to choosing a 2070 Super, but I wanted to budget a bit and I honestly can't say I regret it at all. This Sapphire Pulse is killing it so far while saving some money. I will say the Auto GPU OC tools have been useless. I can manually change settings and get stable results but whenever I use the Auto OC tools, games just crash. That is the only unfortunate issue I am running across at this time.

I will add more photos later on (of the current set up), and take more as I progress further into the build.

Edit (1/12/2020): Decided to use the Arctic Cooler. Placed on the front of the case (New picture uploaded). Thinking of changing all fans to 140 polychrome sync fans while doing a push/pull. Not sure yet. Need to verify enough room.

Part Reviews


You can not go wrong with putting an AMD CPU in your builds right now, this thing is a beast!


Only concern I have it, is the WiFi Antenna base is really wide, like, unnecessarily wide. positioning on top of my case ANYWHERE just results in it overlapping some of the vent. Granted, it overlapping the top vent would cause 0 issues, just bothers me visually.


Just tweaking the timings slightly has given me a boost so I am excited to mess with it more when I have time. Feel like I have a lot of room to push this, as is it B-die, I am excited to find out.


FAST! Best 3.0 I feel like you can get.

Video Card

I was close to putting a 4 star, because of the instability with Auto GPU OC, but that seems to be the AMD Adrenaline 2020 software issue and not the GPU itself. I feel this way because I can manually adjust the OC to the same number the Auto OC would prompt for, and it will run fine. Sapphire itself has made this card to be down right amazing with its cooling and performance so I am not going to knock off a star because of what I believe to be AMD faulty software programming.

Power Supply

Amazing PSU, if you want a great high tier (Believe it is S tier) PSU and don't care to have modular cables, then get this.

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Hey, I wanted to ask you.. How are the temps on your SN750?, wondering whether to get it with heatsink or not