In short: a general purpose PC built inside an all-aluminum mITX case. The exact model is Jonsbo U2, sometimes branded as Cooltek, Rosewill or DiyPC instead. Currently houses a Coffee Lake + Maxwell but started off with an Ivy bridge and Fermi quite a while ago. That's given the possibility to experiment, obeserve and perfect things over time.

The case is 15-16L in volume, fitting well into small form factor category, but only takes up 0,048m² of desk space. That's approximately the footprint of the box a typical itx motherboard ships in and less than the Ncase M1, for example. The internal layout makes great use of short expansion cards while still allowing enormous coolers and an ATX PSU (= Quiet/Inaudible system). Also looks good now and in the future.

Key components rely on rather high-end air cooling, which produces a great result with little ventilation. It's basically passively cooled but relies on forced airflow inside the case. The system is so quiet in idle I can hear the sound the SSD makes during write operations and under load there's only the sound of moving air.

The GPU is fitted with an AC mono plus. Most of the air intake area is located on the bottom so thanks to negative pressure, GPU always runs cool. M.2 drive eases assembling the whole thing a lot as it frees up additional 5cm in the front of the case, making it possible to install the motherboard without removing the CPU cooler.

The PSU is a complete overkill but it's also the most cost-effective and quiet option. Rear fan sucks air through it so it does stay passive despite being placed as it is.

The parts are picked with emphasis on needed functionality, low power consumption and silence. It does everything I need, without any extra trouble or cost.

Thermal performance:

Precise temperature and fan speed data from GPU + CPU load can be found in the pictures. All components well under 60C with modest fan speeds. Headroom for pactically silent operation.

Power Consumption:

Measured with Christ Elektronik CLM200, from the wall socket. Peak.

Idle 28W
Unigine Superposition 1080p Extreme ~ 150W
Battlefield 4 ~ 180W
Prime95 + Superposition ~ 200W

Possible Improvements:

Dremel half the floor away?!


  • 12 months ago
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Love it!

  • 12 months ago
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Very clean!

  • 12 months ago
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Is there intake in the bottom of the case? Mesh?

  • 12 months ago
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Small-ish vent holes in the bottom. Probably the only gripe with this case even though they're more than sufficient.

  • 12 months ago
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Awesome, how does the Arctic Cooler compares to the stock cooler of the GPU?

  • 12 months ago
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I haven't used that hairdryer for a fraction of a second. Too long for the case.

55C at 1000RPM for an overclocked 970 is a lot better than the best AiB coolers so there's that to give a clue.