My first complete gaming build, always played on laptop due to lack of space in my room. Built it in a few months and put my soul in it searching for complete personal satisfaction. Completed it in January 2018, that's why i paid a lot the CPU&GPU. Initially i wanted a i7-7700k and 1080FTW2 but in october 2017 the coffee lake came out and next december every decent GTX1080 was taken from amazon by those damn cryptominer... so i bought a FTW3. Not really satisfied with cable management, still opening from now and then to adjust cables, but i'm pretty happy with it. Really happy with the display too. CPU is a bomb, i keep it @4.7Ghz all-core wihtout overvolting. Pushed to 4.9Ghz but the heat increase was to much for the performance increase maybe i should have bought an h110 with 140mm fans. Kept the profile in the mobo tough. Motherboard was a big surprise very simple and complete bios, MSI already relased a few updates for improved RAM compatibility and spectre/meltdown mitigation, if anyone cares. GPU is a piece of art beautiful to look at and a monster of power. Clocks itself at 1969MHz when needed and with a bit of tweaking at the fans profile i have great temperatures with very low noise while playing. UtechSmart keyboard was another good surprise, never heared of it and bought it just to try. Really good and cheap keyboard with led backlight, the only downside is the backlight adjustable only with fixed settings via keyboard shortcuts. but hey, it has a rainbow effect, it's good for me. Case is great, good and efficent cable management but lack the space between the top and the motherboard to fit a AIO cpu cooler, had to mount mine on front and add fans on top. Say gdodbye to high pressure inside case, say welcome to dust. Anyway very satisfied with in-game performance, and photoediting too.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, only @4.7GHz full-core is a monster, tried to push it @4.9GHz but temperature were very high, probably the Corsair H100i isn't enough fot that clock.

CPU Cooler

UPDATE 02/04/2019: Good cooler with a pretty cheap pump. Pump broke 2 times, first time after 9 months, 2nd time after 5 months. Apparently its a known issue, should have searched better before buying. ORIGINAL (4 stars): Maybe i should have bought a H110i, 20% more cooling area for pretty much same money. Anyway great cooler, it keeps my i7-8700k@4.7GHz at 33/34C in idle and at max 80C under bench/load. never reached 75C while gaming.

Thermal Compound

Great thermal compound, ordered it 2 times but for 11€ at least it could arrive in a hard box...


GREAT motherboard, beautiful to look at, and the bios is really simple and intuitive. u can store OC profiles, set fan behavior and even dowvolt non-PWM fans to make them less noisy.


Very cool RAM, great speed and good looking, but never tried to overclock it, running at 3000 is very good.


Great SSD, great read/write speeds, now is available the new 860EVO but the price difference isn't worth the speed increment.


Great M2SSD, great read/write speeds, but for every day use the speed difference from a classic SATA SSD, is imperceptible.

Video Card

This GPU needs more than 5 stars! Great looking, great performance, clocks itself at 1969Mhz when needed and with a bit of tweaking at the fans profile i have great temperatures with very low noise while playing. never had a problem running latest games at ULTRA quality 1920x1080@144Hz


Wonderful case, great cable management, the only downside: there's not enough space between the motherboard and the top of the case so you have to put the AIO cooler in front.

Power Supply

You can say EVGA=Top Quality just looking at the package and the tools they give u for with the PSU for 123€. Tester for liquid loop cooling included in the package, with all the cables and a cool anti-static bag. Obviously support my build (i7-8700k@4.7GHz + 1080TI FTW3) very well.

Case Fan

WORST fan i ever had, for just 60CFM it makes a LOT of noise. bought a another fan with 53CFM that makes at full RPM half the noise of this at 50%.

Case Fan

Great fan, really surprised by the quite at full RPM bought 2 of this.


Just one thing: once u go full 144Hz u can never go back. Great monitor, high quality materials, it can be rotated by 90 degrees, turned with a very wide angle and raised or lowered as needed. Setting are very simple but not to much open.


Great mechanical keyboard with back-lights for 24€. lots of shortcuts and command are available: volume control, media control, keyboard lock, WASD/Arrow switch and the letters/number are not painted so they don't vanish. Downsides: the color back-lights can be adjusted only via predefined shortcuts, and combinations are limited, also the wheel is not for volume control but for light intensity control, and it work as a on/off switch.


Once u begin using logitech mouse u can never go back, always used this brand. Great mouse for the price, is sold as a 6000DPI but the softer update increase it at 8000.


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Thank you! I'm not satisfied with the cable management too, i need more practice/experience, but what do you mean "the h100i is in the wrong position"? it don't fit in the top, there is not enough space between the mobo and the case :( It's the only downside of my case.

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Thank you for the suggestion, i know that way is a bit more efficient in cooling, but when i have to clean the radiator, i have to remove the fans. For 2-4 degree cooler that's annoying and i prefer my way.