The ARB... I'll say it stands for "A Red Box" and you guys can say it stands for "Another Red Box"

Before this I have been using a 6 year old iMac and a 4 year old Samsung laptop. While the iMac is still a very capable machine, its video card is nigh-impossible to upgrade, which is what drove me to build this machine.

This is my first build. I ordered the parts before Black Friday and booted it on December 5th. I ordered the case first and received it last, a full 18 days after I ordered it, the rest of my parts wait patiently for it to arrive.

I wanted to create a recreational machine, a console killer and somewhat future-proof. This computer is going to be used for browsing and gaming more than anything else. I wanted a machine that could do Fallout 4 justice but as it turns out Fallout 4 can't do this machine justice. Plays Fallout 4 well enough, and every other game I've thrown at it (BioShock, TERA, Witcher 3)

Won't bore you with the numbers but this machine did very well in the benchmarks I tried.

I had planned on trying to make this computer more aesthetically pleasing with a window, sleeved cables, RGB LED, and some other things but I am wondering if that juice is really worth the squeeze.

There will be updates to this as I have a few changes I will be doing in the future; fans, possible cooler change.

I did have a 3.5" HDD in there (pictured) but I took it out and replaced it with the 2.5" HDD. I want to put a 230mm fan in the bottom, which I will install if/when I change the cooler, I have a Silverstone HE01 that I intended to use but it was missing brackets.

Part Reviews


I love my 6600k. Plugged it in, set it to 4.4 GHz in my BIOS and it purs like a kitten.

CPU Cooler

Awesome cheap cooler. Keeps my CPU below 80C using IntelBurnTest and usually well below 65C for my usual use. Can get loud though.


Excellent motherboard. Allowed me to quickly and easily XMP my RAM and overclock my CPU.

Being a mATX mobo as well, it allows me to possibly get a second video card while still retaining a small form factor.

Video Card

A good video card that can handle all today's games and not ridiculously expensive. Quiet, I haven't heard it at all, through games and benchmarks. Runs hot; idling around 40C and peaking at 75C in a 20C room, although my case's airflow is not ideal.


A good looking case and that is all it really has going for it. It is a mATX jammed into a mITX footprint.

Handles on the case are fairly sharp and not very comfortable.

Airflow in this case is difficult due to the front placement of the PSU and the reversed placement of the motherboard which puts the video card(s) up top with their fans blowing down. I have my intakes on top and exhausts on the bottom and back.

Cable management is ok in this case, mostly it's just tuck them in the corners and hide them behind the PSU.

Side panels take a fair amount of force to take off and on.

If you wish to put 3.5" HDDs in this case the only places are in the place of where fans ought to be, on the back or bottom of the case. There are 2 slots in the door panel for 2.5" SSDs/HDDs. Not including the 5.25" bay which may be unusable.

If you plan to use a longer graphics card you cannot use a PSU that is longer than 160mm. Use of longer graphics cards may also make it impossible to put in an optical drive.

If you want the windowed version of this case be careful when shopping as it is easy to look at the ad of the non-windowed version and assume it is the windowed version, it happened to me.

Power Supply

Great efficiency, Japanese capacitors, full modular with a nice black cable set.

This PSU is only 160mm in length making it one of the smallest PSUs with 850W of power. If you are cramming a couple AMD video cards into a small case, this may be the PSU you are looking for.

If you are getting your cables sleeved you may want to go with the AX860i as it doesn't use the 18+10 motherboard connection this PSU has. The extra money you spend getting the i would be saved on that cable.


This monitor is disgustingly wide and disgustingly beautiful.


Fully customizable RGB LED keyboard with software that a 20 minute youtube video can teach you to easily make your own lighting profiles.


A decent gaming mouse with decent software.

Supporting software does not play well on Macs.


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Looks smexy, the juice was worth the squeezing as it looks very pleasing. I'm calling it "awesome red box"

  • 47 months ago
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Nice parts, nice aesthetics, great build! +1

  • 47 months ago
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The A Red Box. Great build!

  • 39 months ago
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Awesome, too bad that board is only duel channel on the ram though.

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