So when the iMac I'd been using for the last 8 years started shutting down for various random reasons, I decided to switch back to Windows and build my next PC. Thus, Lord Mordreth was born.

I'll be using this for web browsing, email, music/Netflix, Photoshop, 3D modeling (quite looking forward to this, couldn't do even the simplest Photoshop on my old Mac), and some light gaming.

I don't intend to overclock and I'm not going to be gaming much, so I went with the i7 6700 non K and the Radeon RX 470. Since I'm not gaming much nor overclocking, I used the stock CPU cooler. Freaked out during the build because I accidentally touched the thermal paste, but no harm done. CPU temps are great. It surprised me how well the stock cooler works. Mordreth runs much more quietly than I'd expected.

Pre-build, I swore not to make the dumb mistake of plugging the monitor into the integrated graphics instead of the GPU. So, of course, I nearly plugged the monitor into the integrated graphics instead of the GPU. I would have, at least, if I'd had an HDMI cable. Derp. >.<

I was initially going to go for a cheap case, but after much browsing, I bought the NZXT S340. Glad I did. Easy cable management, lots of room, love the basement, and it looks great. I didn't really aim to coordinate colors or do any fancy LEDs with this one, so I'm quite happy with the result.

I did make the mistake this time of putting on the side panels before I tried booting it up for the first time inside the case. I really shouldn't have done that until I'd installed the OS and made sure everything was detected. I ended up having to take them off and put them back on like five times because I had to tweak things and push the plugs in for a hard drive that wasn't detected.

I went with an SSD for the OS and I put in 2 1TB WD Blue HDDs, which I intend to set up as RAID 1. Because of screwing on the side panels, I ALSO made the mistake of leaving one of the HDDs plugged in as well as the SSDs while installing Windows. Ran into boot issues. Nearly had a heart attack trying to reinstall Windows. Finally got it.

Initially the budget was for around $1000, but the price crept up.

Plans for future upgrades: upgrade RAM as needed, and possibly (FINALLY!) get an amp and DAC. I'm a bit of an audiophile. :-)


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Beautiful build. Great component choices!