I overclocked from 1050 to 1175 (core) and 1200 to 1350 (mem). I was really surprised everything worked as smoothly as it did. The monitor is a RCA 22LB45RQD 22-Inch Full 1080p LCD TV. My monitor sits on top of my printer, next to my roommates tv four times the size -_-

PSU - Gift. Gives ample headroom for cumulative voltage use.

CPU - Combo with Mobo (Black Friday price). Fan gets pretty loud at load, but very functional CPU for the money nonetheless.

GPU - Crysis (max) = avg 40fps. Skyrim (ultra) = 60fps. Metro Last Light = avg 40 fps (16xAF, No SSAO, 1080p Very High Settings) without advanced PhysX. Borderlands 2 (max) = 60fps. Bioshock Infinite (max) = 60fps. Dishonored (max) = 60fps.

Mobo - Combo with CPU (Black Friday price).

Memory - Newegg sale. Works as expected.

Storage - Gift. Works great, no problems as of now. Filled up about 500GB with most of my steam games. I have 450 left, so any more than 1TB would be excessive.

Case - Newegg sale. 2 pre-installed fans keep everything under 72C. Large, which is good for airflow, but not for tight spaces.

OS - The time difference between you hitting the power button and getting onto Facebook (depending on how fast you can type your password and click on the icons) is about 20 seconds. It boots really freaking fast even without an SSD.

Part Reviews


This thing is absolutely solid. I've been using it for the past 4 years without a hitch in my budget pc. Holds up beautifully alongside a GTX 1060 in 2018.


Great value. Zero problems in four years of constant use.


Still using these 4 years later with a VR capable pc.


Failed within a few months of installation. Swapped out for black instead.

Video Card

Perfectly sufficient for budget gaming, but soon obsolete.


Lot of options for cable management. Size allows for good airflow. Easy to clean. Great value.

Power Supply

Easy installation, no problems in 4 years.

Optical Drive

It works lol

Operating System

UI is awful, windows 10 is worth the upgrade.

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look like a good computer to help you get to gold in league of legend