Repost because in my coffee deprived fatigue, I deleted the build like a true pro instead of editing. Sigh It gave me time to perfect the anagram name anyway. I think I might make this a thing for builds not for myself. Original post below:

Upon hearing that my mad super computing skills had solidified (in the eyes of people not accustomed to this insane site full of geniuses that make me look like a cro-magnon), my family and friends began asking me to build them PCs if they paid and I recommended what parts to get based on their use and built it for them. My dad was one of the first to need one as he was a basic laptop user and needed a dedicated PC for his office at home. He basically only needed this for data backup for work, general browsing and internet shenanigans, and for media; tons of pictures of the family and on trips he goes on, which is fairly frequent.

As for my own choices, I wanted him to experience the great boot times of an SSD, so I supplied that as an early birthday gift since I had an extra one. A terabyte of data is more than enough for his needs as far as mass storage. As for the G4400, I wanted him to be able to at least use MS Office and browse with multiple tabs open without worry, so that along with 8 GB of RAM is more than enough. I'll admit that the cooler is more or less only because I love the industrial look and didn't want the noise of the stock cooler (I don't think he has a preference yet on looks as far as PCs go). The PSU is overkill but I figured if he wanted to get into gaming at some point with flight simulators or war strategy games (which he plays from time to time on his iPad), it'd be enough to add some more storage and a GPU (and still room to spare).

This was also my second MITX build and I wanted to build in a case that I thought would be fun, has a decently small footprint and is also pleasing to the eye. I even decked him out with some LEDs, which he thinks are super futuristic and awesome.

Not much else to say! It was great being able to help out with my new hobby and there is always more to learn. I have a ways to go as far as cable management and being innovative in that regard and with an MITX, it's paramount. In this case I went with "is it hindering performance? No. A WINNER IS ME". I also learned that not all MOBOs have lots of fan headers, so you'll see in some pics that one fan isn't spinning. I'm already waiting on a splitter but I probably won't update this or the pics just for that, just know it's remedied. The more ya know.

Part Reviews


This is perfect for processing and computing with two of those core things!

CPU Cooler

The master of hyper cooling does it again with T2, directed by James Cameron.


Great little board. It's got internet shenanigans built in so that's nice. Could use another fan header.


Random Access Memories, a fantastic album by Daft Punk. That's what this is...right?


This drive is in such a state of solidity.


Again, I dislike caviar, but I like this hard drive. So I suppose I'll settle. Though the thought of blue caviar makes me queasy.


Srs review time. Srs bznss. This chassis is pretty great. It's fun to build in and it has some interesting little quirks about it. The manual is the most horrific and hilarious thing I've ever read though. Literally every other instruction is, and keep in mind I'm reading the actual manual as I'm typing this to make sure it's word for word, "Place Name-Of-Component in the correct position and secure it with the correct screws". Now, it's got some haphazard illustrations to go along with this, but it's just so awesome that the instructions are basically "use the right things and do the right thing in the right place". That's just...I love whoever wrote this. It's poetry.

Power Supply

Perfect unit that supplies power. It's also golden, so that's nice.

Operating System

It's like... when someone brings you a steak and it's not quite your temperature but you don't feel like sending it back; and while you know you'll like the taste, you also know that it can be better and that you'll end up paying a little too much for what you got.

Case Fan

THE cutest little pushers of air you ever did see. They're just pushing away, cooling down like they do.


Not bad. Not amazing. It shows you what's going on in the digital realm. Which is neat.


For the price, these things are pretty darn awesome. Obviously they're pretty entry level into the sonic circus but they'll do for some music and Youtube shenanigans.

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  • 35 months ago
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Your RAM review is on point :)

  • 35 months ago
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= P thank ya kindly.

  • 34 months ago
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+1 just for the reviews

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

I really love this build. So tight and ready to go.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Haha thank you, it has been going for a good bit! Already been moved around a few times with ease.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Cable management could be a bit better. But 20/10. 35% of that was from the hilarious reviews. The rest is for the build itself.

[comment deleted]
  • 36 months ago
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Thank you sir!