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Silent Gaming and Memes Machine. Hardware Enthusiast on a budget, Christmas 2016 Update. (My PC's Story)

by ignafiltro



Date Published

Dec. 27, 2016

Date Built

Dec. 26, 2016

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

55.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

80.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

36.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

62.0° C


Well this is the Christmas update of main rig.

It all started in 2014, before I knew a thing about hardware. I had the idea of getting a gaming PC to replace my dying laptop. My sister knew some dude who knew about PCs and he said he could help me. I had 300.000 CLP (500.00 USD aprox) to spend. I gave him what I though where the recommended specs for World of Tanks as a guideline, It was a i5 at 3.0 ghz 4Gb of ram (my laptop had 2 so I intuited 4 was enough) and 2 GB of video ram... Yes I used video ram as a reference... (and it was from 2Gb GTX 460)

Well with those numbers this dude just got me whatever he found: An i5 4430 (clocked at the exactly 3.0ghz) An ECS B85 mobo One 4gb Kingston HyperX Red A Nvidia GT 630 "2gb" 1Tb Seagate Barracuda 1Tb A crappy case (with NO case fans) and an included 450W PSU with no fan control. I later also bought at 23 inch 1080p Display, having no idea that resolution affected performance.

I was a happy peasant, the PC booted fast cause on the 7200 HDD, plus the WoT 60fps on medium/low was enough. However Planetside 2 barely ran.

(BTW HD Graphics 4600 >= GT 630, In other words, that graphics card was a lost of money, that's why now I trust nobody.)

Mid 2015 and I found the system builder part of the PC Master Race Community on Youtube, I suddenly fell in love and got addicted to hardware (like I do with everything). I also realized how crappy (and loud) my PC was.

The first upgrade was of course trying to tune the fans, I also remember adding a CPU fan from a Pentium 4 to my GPU to cool it better. Also I put a USB fan inside the case. Then I overclocked the GPU, it was about 22% increase in FPS.

After that I wanted to buy some parts, specially a new (and quieter) PSU.

I researched for weeks, read tons and tons of reviews and finally decided on something I would never need to upgrade: a EVGA 650 P2 80+ Platinium. I also bought some case fans (including a Noctua NF-A9 (not showing)) and 8Gb of low latency DDR3L RAM (read way too many benchmarks).

Well the PC worked with those parts until now, it was still loud until I modified the little fan on the video card and slapped a 80mm one (I found the fan at a a place tons of people sell used stuff, we call it "Persa"). The rattling monster finally shut up.

Late November there was a warehouse sale form a tech store and I went and bought a damaged box Z97 Mobo for about 80 USD, Good price, but the real bargain was a complete system with a Pentium G3220 3.0ghz for about 50 USD. (even had a 300W 80+ bronze SFX PSU).

The Z97 mobo was ATX size... Ups, my case was mATX, so I had to put everything on a Pentium 3 Chasis, yes that beige case.

But it was missing something: a good video card. I considered everything, I even considered buying a used 690 just for the damm looks (I know 2Gb per gpu and SLI crap)

When the Rx and 10 series came out I new it was my year. My mother told me she wanted to gift me something for Christmas, so I told her what I wanted(considering a no as a possible answer)... 1060 Strix 6G and a new case, she was like: boi that's expensive, but she bough it anyways LOL.

I Wanted to get a case with noise dampening, like something from Fractal, or BeQuiet, but I had to stick with what was sold locally, so settled on this Source 530 considering things like the filtered intakes and price.

I did my best job with cable management, its the first time I build in a case with space behind the motherboard tray. Im planning on adding some LEDs on the top. I didn't use the fan hub, everything is connected to the motherboard and runing though Ai Suite. The system is extremely Silent for the exception of the video card's coil whine, I will go for a replacement as soon as there is stock on my local store. (also the GPU's external fan control sucks)

On idle only one intake fan and the CPU fan are running, light loads or high ambient temps turn on the top exhaust fan, which runs at a slightly lower speed than the intake to maintain positive pressure. The NF-F12 ramps only at extremely high loads (prime 95) I only set it up to run on idle to cool the drive bay.

CPU is forced at 3.2 turbo on all cores, I can BCLK OC it to 3.4 but its unstable. The GPU Is a good chip and runs at a very high 2139mhz on the core and +900 on the memory. However I will replace the card as soon as there is stock (coil whine).

Next upgrade will be a Boot SSD, Probably a 480gb M.2. Then Ill try to buy a CPU cooler (probably a top flow for looks) and a ultrawide 1080p 120/144 Hz.

Part Reviews


Although this CPU has not the best price to performance, its incredibly capable of AAA gaming, even at 120FPS. I have mine running on forced turbo at 3.2 ghz, but I once reached above 3.4 with BCLK.

Thermal Compound

Actually a very good thermal paste, a lot comes in the tube, its easy to apply and apparently not electrically conductive. It was what I found locally after I lost my Arctic Silver, I think in some rare situations (low contact pressure) it might be even better.


Great RAM stick. Low profile, DDR3L and very low latency, its a good overclocker too.


This hard drive has been my main boot for almost 3 years now. Fast, not an SSD but it has far better performance than any drive that you will find on a sub $300 USD Notebook, just in case.

Power Supply

This power supply is probably one of the favorite parts on my system. One dumb thing, when I purchased it, i took it out of the box, shook it a little and an a little chunk of solder metal fell off from the inside... If i hadn't removed that from there, the story may had been very different. The fan's bearing is a bit loud, however in ECO mode even with an overclocked 1060 the fan didn't spin. I have it Fan side Up so it cools passively by convection.

Optical Drive

Cant say nothing bad, other than slightly unbalanced.

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Nice build +1

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Thx m8

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this was published on my b-day lol

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ignafiltro submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

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