Since I built the Black Ice HTPC for myself ( a friend of mine wanted to copy the build for himself. Almost identical part list aside from storage and the optical drive. Also he got a Noctua cooler too since it's going to be in a bedroom and wants it to be silent at night when sleeping.

He still had one of those old and now discontinued HD DVD drives that also doubled as a bluray burner. He also had a spare 480GB ssd and 1TB WD black drives so we tossed those in as well. (

Of course his cat had to inspect all the boxes and beg for attention during the build lol.

Part Reviews


Solid budget CPU with Intel HD630 graphics if you are not running a video card.

CPU Cooler

This was 4-5 times the weight of the intel stock cooler and a tad smaller. From the packaging being over the top for quality the included case badge is actually a rather heavy gauge of metal. Exceedingly quiet and runs well.


Decent AC built on wireless, decent positioning of the connectors for an ITX build.


It was cheaper buying the 2 4gb sticks separately off instead of buying the kit that had 2 sticks in it. It works at its rated speed and had zero issues with it.


High capacity without breaking the bank, my friend got this when it was on sale a while back and we decided to use it in this build.


This case did come with the case badge on the front, my other one for my HTPC did not come with it. decent airflow but a pain to build in when my oversized hands have a hard time fitting inside. To be fair I would have that same issue with just about any ITX case.

Power Supply

Cheap, fan in it is silent, decent name brand PSU


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how do you even manage to cram a hard drive, ssd, and an optical drive in the case along with the various other components???

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Hard drive connected to the bracket that is on the right hand side when looking at the front, you see the back of that bracket well in pic 5.

Optical drive has its own dedicated spot at the top.

The SSD has its own spot tucked underneath the optical drive which you see well in pic 7.

All 3 places are built into the case and had no aftermarket modding. Was just a pain to do cable management with my giant hands in such a small space lol. There is also still room to add a full size GPU as that entire side of the case is still open space. This build was my friend's build as he copied my Black Ice HTPC build. I didn't add a HDD in my HTPC as my Ryzen Stealth has all the HDD space I can access over my network.

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