Bought all the parts in Canada, Summed up to CAD$ 1736.21 including 13% HST and Shipping costs.


A MacroATX gaming PC featuring a Red and Black Theme.

Upgradability/Great addition:
  1. A 120G SSD($70) (Just bought one for myself)
  2. Another AOC moniter($170)
  3. Another 8G Corsair Vengeance RAM($70, not necessary for gaming)
  4. Another 1TB HDD for raid 0 setup($65)
  5. Red & Black Fans that replace the stock ones
  6. Some red LED strips($5)


Phanteks EVOLV matx is a great case for builders, all front, side, top panels are removable. Highly recommend watching the case review on Youtube:

Changes & Tips:
  1. Dismount the steel panel covering the front half of the interior before assembling. Don't forget to put it back as it does a great job covering those nasty rainbow-colored cables(24-pin).

  2. I mounted the radiator on the top of the frame instead the regular back slot, saves your time since you don't need to remove the stock back panel fan.

  3. Put in the GPU after you plug in the power/reset/audio and SATA cables as the GPU will block those connectors.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I would recommend Corsair H50i over this, their are functionally similar but Seidon 120M has a blue LED which breaks the red-black theme.

It comes with a cooler master thermal paste so don't brother buying a separate one.

Video Card

Stunning GPU, the logo lights up when powered.


Amazing build quality, also the best looking Matx case imo.

Power Supply

A bit overkill but it leave room for a potential SLI config. Also pretty cheap for a 750W semi-modular PSU.


Slick looking monitor that is great for multi-monitor setup due to its "bezellessness". Doesn't have a HDMI port tho, I have to use a HDMI-DVI cable.

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  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Love love love this case, I just ordered the black version! Hopefully I'll find a place for it since it is taller than my desk space. Any warnings for me?

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

beautiful Beautiful BEAUTIFUL case! Nice pick with the Enthoo EVOLV! Colour scheme in point! <- yea im Canadian to... "colour" in Canada "color" in the states