The bemusing headstand of Thermaltake's Core G3 got me again! This time we're gearing up for nimble gaming as opposed to office overkill, using parts from previous builds & eBay auctions to keep a shrewd budget. Assembled with mass appeal in mind, not quite as unique in function as the DekaPlex but fully capable of the virtual violence always in greater demand.

My most invasive modification was to drill a couple of WiFi antenna holes in the plastic clip-on shroud for the rear PCIe brackets. Otherwise it was the usual masking and/or disassembly to paint the interior parts. UV strips saturate the treated surfaces with a crisp uniform shine, then the ghostly glow-in-the-dark is a surprise effect waiting for shut-down or sleep.

This 980 Ti Classified is exactly as big as the H100x will allow (or vice versa). Like others with the Core G3, I had to cut the most useful part of the optional GPU support in order to connect power to the corner of the card. A zip tie was all I came up with to minimize sag. I knew I was in for a more difficult challenge with this build, but I'm satisfied with the end result & I think the novelty of this case is finally out of my system.

Part Reviews


Chosen mostly as a counterpart to the i5-9400 in my other build with the same case. Saving some money on the F type processor made sense here as the GPU will support more than enough monitors for an emphasis on gaming.

CPU Cooler

Everything about this cooler seems great except the too-bright LED with no controls. I just applied some plain black adhesive vinyl over that & it's much less garish.


No news is good news & this board was pleasantly uneventful. I don't recall any problems or special advantages. Fine by me.


My acceptable result of shopping for less expensive SSDs at the time.


A very realistic choice when considering gigabytes per dollar.

Video Card

Transplanted from another PC where it's been making the most of a 21:9 60Hz ultrawide since the 900 series was state-of-the-art. Recommissioned with fresh paint & less bottleneck than there was with the i7-4770K on LGA1150. Still going strong.


I was strangely compelled to use the Core G3 a second time, but I think that's enough.

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