I went with fx6300 for now because of the cheap entry cost into ddr3 gaming era.

I would not touch a AMD GPU for my main rig because I much prefer nvidia and putting $60 extra just to have nvidia on it is worth it to me. AMD - Doesn't list their specs. I've come to love nvidias per game settings even though it's a bit slower than profiles it gives you a better experience as you have issues per game. Those are my main issues with AMD and the lower performance / glitches in the past with SFIV AE, SFxT, Lineage II C4 and World of Warcraft. Always felt nvidias shader system was able to handle shadows in a world of warcraft raid or pvp type situation a lot better. I realize this was in the past but how would I know for sure that it's been fixed until I experience it first hand. AMD still doesn't have a list of raw GPU specs as well on their site so I can't decide for myself which GPU id prefer. Also nvidia has crazy fast patches when there is a issue relating to a new game and their driver.

I had to have a modern system Sata 6gb/s, DDR3 those kind of upgrades so I went with the easiest way in with something that could also encode video quickly. This rig performs faster than anything I've used and actually might be better than the entry level i5s for my usage.

I had the Memory and cpu cooler laying around for a build. The SDD was in my old rig.

GPU, MOBO, CPU was what I got recently.

Bonuses; It was a great time to buy a GTX 770 4GB used October 2015. A lot of people don't realize how close in performance this card is to the 970.

Part Reviews


Absolutely worth it. This is the processor before i5 unlocked. Price points it's this or that. Then i7s unlocked.

Knocking it down a star. Can not encode 1080p live video fulltime. More of a 720p encoding processor unless you get a good batch.

Mine only went 4.9 ghz tops. 4.7 ghz super stable.

CPU Cooler

Really like this cooler keeps my fx 6300 cooler than the water block that died. The water block was fine they gave me the money back to buy this but it didn't last. Nepton 140XL I believe they quit selling them due to a water pump or temp sensor issue.


Amazing board at this price range. Fast boot features allow me to be using a program in windows within 6seconds of hitting the power switch.

Xfast LAN might actually be beneficial.

Audio does sound good.

Feels like a premium board, Asrock has the low price range locked in tight I can barely tell the difference between a high dollar board and much prefer the bang per buck ratio here.

So far the board and ram still going strong, best part of my build


Kingston. The highest recommended memory brand with quality units. Overpaid for these by buying them too soon then never using them.


Fast. Went with kingston don't regret it. It is a SSD and has really fast randoms.


Running good so far but WD has a good rep for consumer use drives.

Video Card

Amazing and looks amazing. No issues yet.

Additionally it draws Quake properly on drivers newer than 320.49 where as 6xx series or older has driver errors on newer drivers.

Runs hot but that's to be expected with the wattage. The case I got compliments this card greatly with open air top for long GPUs.


Four stars because my cooler doesn't fit had to remove either the push or pull fan. Only one fan on my radiator now.

Another half of the star I would put down because this thing is a real ***** to install hard drives into and you can risk breaking them however I bought it used so was just guessing on a lot of stuff and guessed correctly.

The build time took me for ever but I think anything with small form factor would take awhile.

Now the good thing is that everything feels held down really solid I feel comfortable using this as a lan rig while my old case I did not I worried every-time I moved it. and Has loose HDD issues every time. This case I will not have issues everything is locked into place.

Good cooling, form factor and looks I hate to give it 4 stars but I feel like they could have done even better with the HDD mounts and made more space by moving the I/O shield inward more.

Operating System

Horrible. Incompatible anti virus issues with steam games already. Stay on 8.1 / 7. It's not quite time for 10 yet but I'm not going back.

Update: It's getting better and worse. I had to roll back to an older build while they're fixing some things they broke the built in start menu and right click task bar functionality.

Update 2: 9/9/2016 Windows 10 is now better than 8.1 stability wise I reccomend it over 7 for any system with ddr3, SSD.


  • 48 months ago
  • 2 points

how did you get a 770 for so cheap

  • 48 months ago
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Ebay. Got it back in october. Used, running like new. Looks new

  • 46 months ago
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is htat motherboard a good match for the overclocked fx 6300? did you increase the voltages? :p

  • 45 months ago
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Yes and no. Depends what you're doing how much open air and custom fans / case you want to do and maybe custom chunks of aluminum. Right now I've dropped the OC off and running the PC in low powered mode for gaming and watching tv.

I've streamed on twitch for 10 hours with it overclocked to 4.8ghz high voltage, however sometimes on certain games the temp would climb so I haven't gotten a stead setup on it just yet. With the fans cranked up though very noise it's doable. Headphones recommended.

I have a old supply which upgrading to 750 modern xfx could help the heat in the immediate area and the stability of the block since I'm running a power hungry card as well.

  • 45 months ago
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I'm considering the same mobo and cpu for overlocking. I see places that say the mobo isn't good for overclocking the FX cpus, but I can't find any better options. I have a CM N200 case with 4 fans and I'm considering liquid cooling if I do overclock. Would you recommend the mobo?

  • 44 months ago
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It can handle overclocking I feel you just have to be able to move air onto or across the board. Consider a small fan right on the VRM or a big fan blowing in on the whole board. My board is still running fine though I went this route because it was $93 + $55 and I needed a sata3 ddr3 system. Otherwise I would have went i7 or i5 unlocked and a msi mini itx board.

  • 39 months ago
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Did you have to update the bios to use the cpu?

  • 39 months ago
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Nope the board is newer than the cpu

  • 39 months ago
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Thanks :)

  • 38 months ago
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did you add custom aluminium heat sinks to the motherboard, if you did can you possibly link the website where you purchased the materials? thanks really want to over clock on this board just looking into reviews heavily before i make a final decision

  • 38 months ago
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Well this guy made some

I have that exact chunk of aluminum but just be careful per board spefically that you're not getting metal on any of the electrical paths solder and I tried to look it up I'm not sure what is safe directly in contact with VRMs.

I've dropped my overclocks off down to air cooled it was overclocked when I had a CM Nepton 140xl but that discontinued that line too many returns for dead water pumps. I should edit the cpu speed soon.