This is my first build. The overall price listed is just $70 more than what I actually paid for the entire rig. I also put a 250 gb hard drive in it from my old computer. After transferring my files I formatted the old drive to make certain that no malicious programs would be messing with me. I also have a total of four case fans that does a good job of keeping everything cool and really quiet. I'm playing Crysis 3 now and it runs everything on the highest setting beautifully. I love having a computer boot up in under one minute. I haven't over clocked anything and doubt I will at this time because it's plenty fast now. I didn't have one issue with this build and I can't believe how easy this was to put together. I installed Windows 7 professional because my CAD program (Creo/Pro-Engineer) requires it. I will be posting pics as soon as I can. I would appreciate any comments and advice.

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  • 78 months ago
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When u bought the case did u choose the blue raidmax and it came with blue led fans? Looking at getting myself this case and i want blue because it matches my color scheme

  • 81 months ago
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Very nice! I would have gone with a better video card for all the power you have but you can upgrade any time or add a second for crossfire!!

  • 74 months ago
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Geforce aren't crossfire compatible. Only radeon are, they are actually SLI which performs better than crossfire.

  • 74 months ago
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Yes you are right :)

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