Well, let's get started. This is the first PC I've built, and I have to say, I think I did well. It actually worked first attempt, didn't have to redo anything other than some cable management. Speaking of which, I regret forgetting to get a modular PSU rather than a non-modular PSU. Still, I believe it doesn't look bad inside considering this is my first custom built PC. I've been able to pull off Ultra on Forza Horizon 3 at ~60 FPS. On GTA V, I've been able to mostly max it and get ~45-80 FPS (Depends a lot on where you are). maxed runs in 80 FPS+ range no problem on all default maps. I got everything except the RAM, SATA cables, be quiet! fan, and SSD at microcenter for pretty decent prices. The slower 1TB HDD comes from my old pc, which was upgraded to a faster 2tb Hybrid Drive a while back. All in all, I'd say this build turned out very well, and am happy with what I purchased.

Update: Completely redid desk, organizer is now on a bookshelf. Most wires are tucked behind desk, I also apologize for forgetting to take homework and a book off my desk before snapping a pic. Oh and yes, that is my cat under the desk. He is very friendly.

Update 2: Okay, so, I have come to find out my 1600 was underclocked... It should max out at 3.6GHz, but it was maxing out at 3.2. Just set it back to 3.6, and it now idles at 28C and goes up to 50-55C when under 100% load.

Update 3: Bad news. One day, it decided to not boot properly. Aka when turned on, it stays on for about 10-15 seconds, doesn’t post, then reboots and repeats. I have isolated it enough to where I believe I need to replace the motherboard, power supply, and cooler (I don’t wanna remount the stock cooler, it’s nerve-racking due to stiff screw springs). Hopefully after this I will be able to use it, but until then RIP.

Update 4: Oops, I was dumb and forgot to update this. Yeah I fixed it a month or two ago, running perfectly now. You see, I tried to replace the RAM, but that broke the mobo because i put it in ever so slightly wrong (thanks DDR4). After replacing the motherboard and going through some other stuff including downloading windows 8.1 (better than 10 still but supports DX11), it works fine with a new ASrock motherboard. In fact, I accidentally bought the bigger full atx version so I guess a bonus USB port or two?

Part Reviews


Great little CPU, huge upgrade over my old PC's i5 4590T.


It's a motherboard with everything I need on it and a little more. Not much else to say, though I wish the 8 pin connector was in a better spot.


Fast DDR4 16 GB memory that does all the gaming I need it to


Using it as a boot SSD & storage for stubborn programs and drivers. Fast, works great, probably reliable.


Fast, perfect amount of storage for me and is very quiet.

Video Card

Very nice card, able to get 60 FPS @ Ultra on Forza Horizon 3, buttery smooth. Fans are completely inaudible, and should stay at a good temperature.


It's a pretty decent case. When it comes to aesthetics, it looks great, reminds me of a storm trooper combined with a transformer but that's pretty typical. Airflow is okay, I took off the front clear plastic to give the front fan I bought much better airflow (Will put in a custom light foam filter for the sake of dust and hair protection). Cable management was okay, I wish there was a little more room below the motherboard tray as it was a sort of tight fit but it works. Unfortunately, due to my desk organization and pet, I cannot see the window as it is facing towards the wall but I must warn you, it can get fingerprints fast. The case feels like it's pretty decent quality, typical sheet metal and plastic. It's pretty decent.

Power Supply

This purchase was interesting - I meant to get a modular PSU but forgot to check before buying, but other than that, it serves its purpose. Wish it was 80+ Bronze, but it should still be fine. Very quiet fan, delivers power to my PC. It's good.

Optical Drive

It's a somewhat loud Optical Drive that functions well and matches my case's white and black aesthetic. It works.

Case Fan

Good fan, case only came with one fan so I had to get this to put in the front. As the name suggests, it is a pretty quiet fan. Would recommend.


I actually didn't purchase this - this was the original HDD in my old PC, so I decided to just stick it in my new one as extra storage. It's a 1TB 5400 RPM 2.5" HDD, so it's pretty slow but works as extra storage. It's also an HGST HDD so it should last a very long time, so if you don't mind having a slow HDD that's compact, then get it.


They're extra SATA cables because I was stupid and broke one that came with the motherboard or case and I needed more anyway. Enough said.


  • 26 months ago
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Sorry man, have you had any trouble with that specific RAM?

  • 26 months ago
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Haven't had any issues with the RAM, everything has been going pretty smoothly so far.

  • 22 months ago
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Pretty neat!

  • 20 months ago
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sad to hear that the computer isn't working i hope things go better for you in the future

  • 20 months ago
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i had a motherboard that was bad and it kept restarting on me for no reason

  • 19 months ago
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Check the description, thanks for reminding me to update it lol