A budget build I made wanting for entry level Music/Video Editing and a bit of casual PC gaming on the side. It's my first build and I chose the parts with a lot of research, not knowing much about PCs. I'm very happy with it. Makes virtually no sound. This build is not overclockable however as I went with the stock cooler and no extra thermal paste besides the one the cooler has. I don't mind it because I'm not looking to overclock anything. I'm looking to add more fans in the future, as right now I only have the one that came with the case. Temperatures are average, but if I can get them lower, it's a welcome addition. With shipping, it came at a total of $776. It runs my games nicely. Mostly old titles like R6S. I have yet to try recent games on it, but I'm certain it can run them at a nice frame rate.

Part Reviews


Very good CPU. One of the best for mid range builds


A good option for the price. Has M.2 boost so it transfers information faster. Only "downside" would be it only has two RAM slots and doesn't support above 32GB of RAM, but I went with 16GB, so it doesn't matter to me.


I managed to get these on sale. Superb sticks. Recommend these for any 16GB build


Small space, so I only use it to install my editing programs. You could get the larger version of this one or pair it with an HDD, which is what I did. Speaking of...


The best HDD for the price. Pretty much the go to budget HDD from what people told me. It already fits more games than I plan on playing. Since I plan on editing videos, I'll probably get another one for more space, but it has enough to last you about a year

Video Card

Amazing card. Was debating this or the 580, but I managed to get this one for about $15 more. According to my research, it's right there with the more expensive GTX 1060. Consider this one for your budget PC


Beautiful case. Noob friendly when it comes to cable management. Plenty of fan options.

Power Supply

Perfect PSU. Plenty of power for this and other builds. 10/10 would use again

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi! Nice build! (:

I'm looking to build something extremely similar, and I have a lot of parts in my list that are identical to yours, but I'm concerned mostly about the thermals of the case, because I'm also looking at the Cougar. How are temperatures under load?

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

Played the Intro for Metro Exodus on Extreme settings. CPU reached 70 degrees and GPU reached 82. Cooling needs improvement if you plan on extreme gaming. I'll update on the temperature once I install a few more fans.

Might as well add that, visual wise, it handled ME with ease never dropping frames

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

Also, the case fan was running at 30% speed. Increasing with MSI Afterburner should lower the temps by a few degrees