This is "Black Pearl". Named her such because she is almost completely built out of parts from Corsair. She will be used for college homework and gaming. I have been planning this build for a very long time and 'Im exited to finally have it all put together. It scored in the high 1300's in 3d Mark.

Overclocked to 4.2ghz like a pro. Tested on Aida 64 for an hour and is stable, no crashes so far. Will eventually pump up that overclock when I get a new monitor and radiator fans.

I will be putting up more pictures eventually, I need to get a DSLR to get some quality photos of the internals.

UPDATE 8/22/2016 --- Overclocked to 4.5 tested on prime95 for 3 hours and is stable. It was reporting errors after I initially changed the multiplier. Just restarted my system and than ran the test again and it is stable.

Part Reviews


So far this has been a great CPU. I just did not want to spend the extra $100 on an i7 for its hyper threading. I am not doing any hardcore multitasking or video editing so this was the best bang for the buck for me. And it will run VR.

This is a basic building tip, but when I put this thing in the socket, it made an awful crunch noise. I had to really control my anxiety and keep pushing down to mount it in. Keep going past the crunch first time builders. I promise its okay.

Update 7/26/16 - I overclocked this to 4.2ghz, and it runs like a pro. Tested on Aida 64 for an hour and was extremely stable. I play a lot of Arma 3 (A very CPU intensive game) and it is buttery smooth. Getting about 80-90fps with EVERYTHING at ultra settings. This is just the greatest bang for the buck CPU.

Update 10/31/16 - I overclocked it to 4.5ghz and runs buttery smooth. This is truly the cpu for the average gamer. I also started to work on some video projects with adobe premiere pro, and man does this thing blow locked i7's out of the water.

Also I buy from Intel because they make all of their processors now totally conflict free, which is a huge plus and is important. If you don't know what that means, I encourage you to read more here:

CPU Cooler

This thing works and looks amazing. It keeps my CPU very cool. My only complaint was in Corsairs lack of good instructions to install. They were very minimalist and did not help me fully understand how to mount the radiator. Eventually I just figured it out and it works great. At first I didn't hear the fans that people were saying were "loud". Maybe I was in awe of my new system, but one day I started it up while the fan was still set on performance mode... holy cow, it was loud. Nothing to freak out about, but I may replace those two intake fans later on down the line.

Keeps my CPU at about 20 - 26C during gaming. Tested with ARMA 3 and Skyrim with 30 Graphical mods. ( Arma 3 is a very CPU intensive game). That temperature might go up a bit with overclocking.

Update 10/31/2016 - Still keeps it at 20-26 at 4.5ghz.


Great Mobo and looks even better in the case. POSTed on first try. BIOS seems pretty simple as well. FINALLY something from MSI that ins't red. I won't lie, when you are shopping for this mobo online, it doesn't seem like the #1 choice. In fact it looks super janky online. When you get it in your hands, you truly see how well built this motherboard is. It is a real tank, especially since I may have been a bit rough on it putting it the case on the standoffs.

The only real con I would say is that installing any PSU headers were either hard to put in, or did not feel secure. But they all were in the end.

Also, I didn't order the R6 version from Amazon. I just ordered the normal one, but thats the one I got. Not complaining, I got a free game!


Bought these from Micro center. RAM is RAM. Gaming is the only memory intensive thing I am doing on this PC so this will be fine for now. I might add 16 more gigs later down the line.


This thing scared me at first. Installing it into the Corsair Carbide 400c's back SSD mounts was a bit scary because it scraped off some sticker that said warranty void if broken... I think I still have half of the warranty left. Thats the only reason its getting 4 stars. Otherwise my PC starts up in 10 seconds or less. Seriously fast.


This is mainly so I can play Fallout 4 with zero loading time. Got this on sale on amazon for 129.99. Its just to expand my Steam Library and keep my boot drive clear for other program files. Its works great!

UPDATE 8/16/2016 --- Works great. Fallout 4 loads unbelievably fast (I'm coming from PS4 loading times for it). It makes your play through time much faster and enjoyable.

Video Card

Its the 1070. As I said above, scored in the hight 1300's (I will check my real score soon and update this review). It looks GREAT in the case with the Mobo. It made some weird sounds when entering the pci-e slot which freaked me out, but it works in my computer. I would say be more careful than I was when putting this baby in. Nevertheless, it works perfectly.

The only "downside" would be the blower fan. But I check the heat coming out and this thing at its not a lot. And when you are done gaming it cools down almost immediately. This is a good choice if you are trying to keep your cpu cool and less heat in your case. If you have a fan CPU cooler, this will help. But then again, the thing is overkill for a lot of games still. Especially some earlier AAA titles. Im interested to see how it does with BF1 and upcoming titles.

UPDATE 7/27/16 --- So yes, this thing can get a bit hot, but the temperature max on these things are not even enough to warrant worrying. I play Black ops 3 on Ultra preset at 1440p (down sampled on a 1080p monitor) and it is still giving me 70-90 fps. It just gets hot, but these reference editions are just so well built and premium, that the heat does not affect performance. If you are worried about heat in your case, just get the FE and never worry again.

UPDATE 8/16/16 --- The 1070 Destroys Fallout 4, getting above 144fps on my 144hz monitor. In fact, you have to use the Nvidia inspector to cap the frame rates for my game so that the engine isn't running at the frame rate speed. The only time I ever dropped below 60fps was when I was in the middle of Boston on a skyline that had to do a lot of rendering. But thats only because Im playing on the Ultra preset.

UPDATE 10/31/16 --- even as board partner cards have started to come out, I am still glad I snagged the founders edition. It keeps the heat out of the case for the CPU, and if you aren't going crazy overclocking, you can get well into the 2000mhz zone with MSI afterburner. But overclocking this card is pointless, it will only gain you 4-5 fps.


This is a tough one. You really are paying for aesthetics in this case, not build easement. I wish there were more cut outs for PSU headers to go through besides the three grommets. The back panel was a bit tricky with all of the cables. I ended up taking out the hard drive cage (which is a great feature) and just stuffing cables in there to make sure there was clearance for my back panel. This case loses 2 stars for its TERRIBLE FRONT PANNEL. IT IS AWFUL TO TAKE OFF. The instructions, again, are super unhelpful. They just say to gently but firmly pull it away from the Chasis... BS. There is a bunch of little grommets inside that you have to push away. You feel like you are going to break the plastic!... What I am trying to say is I'm not taking out my radiator for a few years. You are paying for aesthetics with this case, not as much functionality. The shroud makes everything look really clean, and my black cabling fades into the case so you really only see the core components through the large window (which is really beautiful). You have to look pretty hard to see that extra cabling. I love how it looks, I just wish it was a BIT easier to build in.

Power Supply

A bit overkill but it was the same price for a 750 watt, so I was just like... whatever. Great modular PSU. I trust Corsair in this regard. The only place it loses its star is in the wall adapter. When I was building, it just didn't feel like it was plugging into the pc securely. In fact it was a bit loose. After I was done building and put the PC where it actually lived, I had do make sure the cable was tightly curved so it wouldn't wiggle in the socket. This same thing happened with a work PC in my office. We ended up switching a to a different cable to plug it into the wall that was much more secure and a tighter fit. I may call Corsair and ask if they have a solution to this... The computer is getting power though. It works.

Operating System

Installed flawlessly. Some people are skeptical about the USB stick. Don't be.

And if you are doing a second build, you now have the OS! You would just need to buy another key.


Snagged this thing when it was on sale, and it looks very good. 144hz is extremely necessary for the GTX 1070, otherwise you are bottlenecking that card. G sync is dope. There is no motion blur or screen tearing. I think the only thing is that the grays and darks are a bit washed out. I think that can be tinkered with via the settings in game and on the monitor. If you are looking for 144hz and G sync on a budget, this is the sweet spot. If you are looking for beautiful accurate colors, search elsewhere.

I bought it from Newegg and it came only in its box (no shipping box) and the box was a bit banged up with really worried me because this is an expensive investment. It turned out okay with no cosmetic damage and everything was okay. Also I payed for 3 day shipping... but I guess Newegg just rounded up to 5 day shipping. Waste of $4.99. Thats the only reason it loses a star.

I will have more comments on this monitor once I spend more time on it.


Its a cheap starter keyboard. Actually illuminates and looks pretty good. I was surprised by its solid build quality.

Eventually I am going to either go more Corsair peripherals or get a Razer setup.

Update: 7/15/16 - I love this keyboard a bit more everyday. Its very comfortable.


You know, for an $8 mouse, it is surprisingly well made and sturdy. DPI are okay. I don't see too much of a difference. Again, starter mouse. Will probably keep this around for a couple of months until I figure out who I want to be setup with...

Update: 7/15/16 - This is a rather good mouse. I won't lie, I may keep this thing around for a bit longer than expected.

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  • 47 months ago
  • 4 points

What's funny is I came here expecting a Fractal Design case because they have a color option for some called Black Pearl. lol

Upvoted anyways, good job, good build!

  • 47 months ago
  • 3 points

Beautiful looking build. Have my updoot.

  • 46 months ago
  • 2 points

we have the same mouse, also i think it's a little too over kill on the 850w, unless you're going to plan on buying another 1070(dont know why you didint buy a 1080), i would suggest like even a 550w evga 80+ gold fully modular or even a 650w. but nice build

  • 46 months ago
  • 1 point

Yea 850 was WAY to much, but I am planning at some SLI in the far future with the 1070 (when the pricing market for them evens out). Honestly, the GTX 1080 was going to not match my budget, also, I game in 1080 with 144hz downsampling. I didn't need anything more powerful right now.

  • 46 months ago
  • 2 points

also you must had some very good luck with your psu and cpu and also mobo lmao i was the same bro, people say omg be careful with the mobo but if you bang it up a tad it'll work the same no matter what.

  • 44 months ago
  • 2 points

How long did it take you? It looks extremely good for a first build?

  • 44 months ago
  • 1 point

About 6 hours. Thank you! I need to upload some more photos because it looks better now!

  • 44 months ago
  • 2 points

That's incredible

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

Why, months after purchase, do I find a build with the same peripherals as me...

Nice build, nice organization.

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

About to build with that mobo. It's beautiful huh? LOL

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice, what about a mousepad?