Working 9$ an hour at a local Italian Restaurant, I was able to create this before going off to college. It is kind of a re-poast, but i finally got the screen to fit, and installed a new WiFi card. I started the build Processing Box and decided it wasn't enough, so I decided to make a full custom loop with EKWB, and i did have a hiccup when first pouring the liquid into the system (see last 2 pictures) when one of the 'O' rings wasn't installed correctly, and it was pressed against the side of the fitting not creating a seal, luckily nothing got damaged, but it is up and running now perfectly fine. The screen I had lying around for several years from a Raspberry Pi project I had, but I never used it, and it is a 3.5" HDMI screen, so I decided to put it in my PC to monitor the temperatures and other things. I also designed and 3D printed the housing for the screen. The picture on the main display I did not take, but all the pictures on the small screen inside the PC, I took with my telescope. The 3rd to last picture is an array of all of my best pictures I have taken with my telescope.

Enjoy the pictures,

Caleb Melton.

Part Reviews


I honestly should have gone with a AMD Ryzen, but at the time a friend told me that Intel was easier to work with and AMD had issues with compatibility, so I went with this, and it performs pretty good. A little over priced, but that's Intel.


Nice looking motherboard, BIOS is pretty easy to understand, and the LED's are a nice touch.


Good RAM for the price (now). I bought it during the RAM crisis, and paid about 170 USD


If you don't have a M.2 drive, you need to get one, they are significantly faster than a hard drive, and noticeably faster than a SATA SSD. This isn't the fastest, but it is a cheap one that works good.


Good cheap storage, and it runs well, don't hear it when idle, only when launching a big program off it.

Video Card

Great card, though i had the Bait and Switch happen on me, luckily PNY was nice enough to to send me the correct one after Newegg sent me the newer design, which isn't the reference PCB, so i couldn't slap a water block on it.


Amazing view with the glass, cable management is amazing on this, and great for liquid cooling.

Power Supply

Great power supply, I don't hear the fans spin at all, and it delivers to my system all I need.

Wireless Network Adapter

This is an amazing card if you can get it to work, I could get it to work on the 2.4GHz network, but the 5GHz wasn't showing up for my router. I contacted ASUS for support, but they said that it was the router at my house. I looked further into it and found out that it is the channel of the 5GHz network that needed to be changed. I changed the networks 5GHz to a different channel through the router settings, and it works perfect now.

Case Fan

Great fans, the LED's are pretty bright, and they are quiet for the most part (unless you rev them up pretty high).


Amazing looking cables, they work good, and the braided cables bend good enough.


Pretty bright and colorful, only issue is the adhesive, it isn't sticky enough to stick to the case for long. About a day after I installed them, they fell down. I used a bent paperclip to hold it in place now.

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  • 6 months ago
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Wow this is amazing! The 3D printed custom screen is an awesome touch. The curved tubing runs and the bends not all being at the 90 degree angles is initially unsettling, but after looking at it for a bit it actually adds a lot to the aesthetic and I think I like it better.

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  • 6 months ago
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