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Not a toaster with a major undervolt

by Potato-pc


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Date Published

April 15, 2019

CPU Clock Rate

4 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.29 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

6.008 GHz


I built this pc to do basic things run Reaper DAW fl studio and occasional blender renders and games... Base clock set @ 3.8 1.15 volts and turbo on auto llc at 35% turbos to 4.18 ghz and Vcore hits 1.248 ish and with load drops to about 1.12 v and stays below 45C at all times but this case has to have the front panel removed when rendering video or gaming... motherboard reports never getting above 32 C but I put mosfet heat sinks on all mosfets... if I did it again I’d buy a used motherboard with a better power for the v core... or leave my self the ability to upgrade later... the data rate is ok cause I run a raid 0 or bios “fake” raid... oh, and maybe buy a modular gold rated power supply wasn’t really caring about flashy things or cable management just trying for as cheap and fast as I could for my needs...

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eandrews5 2 Builds 5 points 9 days ago

That isn't how fans work.

IAJOSI 1 Build 2 points 9 days ago


GoldGuyGames 1 Build 1 point 9 days ago

This is epic

powerup777 1 point 9 days ago

I see you bought two 1 TB HDDs, so your reference to speed is by implementing a RAID 1 parity? Looks like a fairly well balanced system that gets the job done. I don't care about pretty cables either- so you got it, balance + good price. Congrats

JDawn747 1 Build 1 point 9 days ago

Good heavens clean up that spaghetti!

Potato-pc submitter 1 Build 1 point 9 days ago

Oh and it’s not to loud but I run it with an hdmi and usb hub over two cat 6 cables in the other room... silently

Potato-pc submitter 1 Build 1 point 9 days ago

It was ok for a first full build... just my first build was an 4300 fx with an old case and I wanted a 8350 at the time but the “new” am3+ with the right phase power are all discontinued now... and the fans are on powered hubs that match the rpm not just haphazardly wired to the headers