This is my PC as of August 2019!

CPU has been amazing so far! Couldn’t ask for better performance for the prices! Snagged it from amazon for 200 which was nice!

Motherboard is nothing special but gets the job done for what it needs to do.

RAM has preformed well and hasn't done anything against me.

The SSD and Hard Drive are both around 5 years old so they are slowing down slightly overtime, but they have done great for what they are.

The GPU is something I was excited to get! Got it during EVGA midweek madness for ~$250. It was totally worth it as my computer runs games and streams so much better now!

If I could afford a new case right now I would totally get one. This case isn't bad, but isn't great. Pro and cons just about weigh each other out.

PSU is not bad for the price! Found it on sale for 30 and thought it would be a decent upgrade from the EVGA 450 bronze that I was using prior. Everythings working as it should and nothing in my computer has caught on fire yet XD

FUTURE SLATED UPGRADES: At this point it is mostly just the case and maybe the power supply again. The storage is something I might work on in the next year or so whenever I can!

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Runs well with no troubles so far.

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