I've been postponing building a new PC with the anticipation of upgrading my old rig. But over the past 6-9 months, I didn't see a reasonable price for GPU, so I used that as my reason to not give in to a new build (and I spent my tax return on firearms fun and savings).

But the price dipped, and overnight I splurged on the new rig. Waiting for the rig was the hardest part, and building was the most fun (despite being up until 5AM finishing). I'm truly proud of this machine, and it looks gorgeous, and runs smoothly. There are some future mods I'd like to make.

I haven't run a formal stress test, but I've been utilizing it like I normally would for the past week. Runs like a dream.

Still haven't decided what to do with my old rig, but I might consider sparing some parts, upgrading, and using it as a secondary computer for my fiancee; or sell it.

Let me know what you think, suggestions, and anything else.


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Direct link to the parts

Additional Pictures [Post-OP]

First Build

Part Reviews


Works great with the many applications I have running while I stream/game. I haven't OC'd yet, but definitely intend to.

CPU Cooler

Sexy, but haven't figured out how to just turn OFF the LED


Wish I'd noticed that this particular model only LED's to Red, so it's hard to get a sync'd LED scheme. Software is OK.


Love the extra storage from my original 128GB, and the boot up times is a HUGE plus.


Transfer from my old rig. Works splendidly.

Video Card

Oh man. LOVE this GPU. Packaging was premium, and unboxing was a whole experience in and of itself. Software is OK, but overall this GPU was well worth the wait/price.


So. Sexy. Love the case, the glass, the silence, and cable management.

Operating System

A must.

Wireless Network Adapter

Currently lack LAN functionality at home, so wireless was the way to go. Very impressed with this adapter.


Ninja keys allow the lettering to not come off since their on the side of the key. Glorious Cherry Reds.


Extra side buttons for extra functionality. Light enough to move around, heavy enough for stability.




Works very well, and very loud when needed.


Super comfortable, and easy to move around when I need a quick adjustment in kb/mouse.


Great recording quality. Wish the bulb wasn't as large. Might opt for Yeti in the future.


I don't use it while I'm gaming, but it provides tremendous support when I'm just lounging around and browsing. Plus it server a double purpose of stress relief when I want to squeeze or toss it around.


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Can you turn off the rgb light?

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Still working that out. I can turn it off on the motherboard, and pretty sure I can on GPU but CPU seems always on.

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