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Lian-Li PC-05SX Build



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Date Published

May 1, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

4.2 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.48 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

11 GHz


Update - 07.12.2017

  • De-lidded 7700K, noticed a drop in temps by ~15c and an overall drop in system temperature.
  • Replaced CPU waterblock with EKs z270i Strix monoblock. Better fitment over previous block. Previous block was digging into memory modules and interfered with the back of the motherboard.
  • New custom sleeving color combination. Saw the color scheme on mainframe customs instragram photo. The cable combs are made of metal so are several times stronger then the previous ones I used. I can make tighter bends with the cables while still looking clean.
  • Replaced UV white pastel liquid with Mayhem's Aurua 2 Red to go with the new color scheme. Used Mayhem's red dye to give it a more deeper red color.
  • Installed the Silverstone RGB hub which is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync. I can now control more than 1 RGB device. Replaced generic brand RGB strip with ones included in Silverstone hub. Previous strips would lose a color channel after a few days of use.
  • Cleaned up the cabling in the back.. still messy but the best I can do in such a small form factor.
  • Changed fan configuration from pull to push. Previous setup developed a problem where after the fan hit a certain RPM the fan blades would hit the radiator. Making a very unpleasant sound.


I was inspired to do this build after seeing the Digital Storm Bolt 3.  A system with a small footprint that had a lot of potential and looked good at the same time.  I got the itch to do another build and it was about time to upgrade.  I've put together custom water loops before, but have never used nickel plated brass tubes before.  So I thought I would take a stab at it.

 I thought the easiest route would be to use the same parts as the Bolt 3.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a place that sold the Swiftech H220-X.  So I picked up the Swiftech H220-X2, later to find out it would not work at all.  While test fitting the AIO cooler I found out the ITX motherboard wouldn't fit with or without the RAM installed.  I figured since I had some old water cooling parts I would go the full custom route.  The goal was to not go overboard with the hard tubing which can make the system look cluttered so I decided to route some of the lines using soft tubing.

 The biggest challenge I had was fitting the EK-Supremacy EVO block.  If you were to look at the back of the MB, the backplate plate interfered with the MB components to the left of the CPU socket.  I had to stretch the padding included with the waterblock to cover those components and took extra care not to over tighten the backplate.  On the front side the mounting plate's top and bottom right corners were digging into the installed memory modules, causing them to push up against each other.

 Another issue I came across was cutting up a small amount of the rubber gasket in some of the fittings.  To avoid this I had to take my time with chamfering the edges of the tubes.  Since we are dealing with brass the process takes a bit longer than PETG tubing.  Working with the brass tubing was difficult, there were times when I didn't know if I had inserted the tube far enough into the fitting.  I just had to trust my measurements were good.  It was a bit nerve racking when filling the loop, a concern I had was having a leak over the PSU.  After 24 hours of leak testing  the system was good to go.

 With the custom water loop the system overall  is very quiet.  The loudest component in my system is the water pump.  My GPU temps dropped from 80 degrees celcius to low 50s at full load.  The cards max boost was able to hit 1900MHz instead of 1800MHz on air.  On the CPU side it went from mid 90s to low 80s at full load.  I was expecting a larger drop in temps for the CPU but it may be attributed to the possiblity of the CPU water block not mounted as secure as I thought and/or the XMP profile raising the BCLK from 100 to 103, memory voltage from stock 1.35v to 1.4v.

 Future plans will be to swap out the CPU waterblock with the EK monoblock which will be released sometime in May.  Looking at the install instructions the mounting mechanism won't interfere with the back of the motherboard and will hopefully provide enough clearance for the memory.  I also need to get matching fittings.  I ran out of the Bitspower silver shining fittings partway through the build.

 Hope you guys like the build and thanks for taking a look.

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pegotico 2 Builds 3 points 21 months ago

Wow!! Very nice and clean build!!

Hope this gets featured!!!


Navy577 2 points 21 months ago

This case gives me bad flashbacks... Why does it always have to be hotter than me? No matter how crazy I get, this case is STILL hotter. First, I get my finger burned. Next, I slept too close to a heater. And now this...

GG, Lian-Li.


Chapeau 1 Build 2 points 21 months ago

Loving the side mounted GPU. I always wanted to try that with my M1. Great job - nice clean build..

Blacksm1le 1 Build 2 points 21 months ago

Very nice job on this monster +1

Lyrix 2 points 21 months ago

Amazing build! i love the awesome chrome pipes!!! looks amazing! This is really piece of art! 1+! Lian Li really makes great cases but they are a little out of my price range :(

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

Newegg had it for $30 off MSRP with an additional 30% coupon code a few weeks back. It also helped that I had a gift card laying around dropping the price to less than half. This was the biggest deciding factor of starting the build.

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

Actually just browsing their site, the sale is back up again and ends on 5/23.

Lyrix 2 points 21 months ago

well i have the s340elite now... anyways im happy with it... :D

Yahtadi 2 points 21 months ago

On featured yet?

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

That would be cool, but there are a lot of other nice builds out there too.

crookz_n_castlez 6 Builds 2 points 21 months ago

The real question is, are you going to wall mount that beauty?

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

I would, but I'm having trouble locating the Lian Li wall mount. It looks like performance-pcs sells them, but hasn't had any in stock for awhile.

System48 2 Builds 2 points 21 months ago

Try reaching out to Lian-Li directly, http://www.lian-li.com/en/contact-us/ , I've had to get a few obscure parts before.

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

I'll do that. Thanks for the tip!

underhgk 1 point 18 months ago

Just anchor and use the thickest gauge screws that you can. That is how I did it, and it seems to work fine. https://i.imgur.com/b00YeEb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ILtJ9BE.jpg

SirMints 3 Builds 2 points 21 months ago


Aphrenedge 2 Builds 2 points 21 months ago

This looks incredible! Great photos too

I've been looking into water cooling my own pc-06 and I'm currently searching for some chrome tubing. Would you mind telling me where you picked yours up?

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago


You can find the tubing at performance-pcs.com. Here is a link to the actual tubing I used.

Aphrenedge 2 Builds 2 points 21 months ago

Thank you!

jtrias21 4 Builds 2 points 21 months ago

Awesome build! Curious but how did you get the O5SX for $135? That's a great deal at that price!

And also, would you have pics of the rear/backside? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I just read your comment about the O5 price when I scrolled down :)

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

It isn't clean, but I'll try to post some pics up in a few days.

jushui 1 Build 2 points 21 months ago

Oh man love that brass tube

xJeffro826x 2 points 19 months ago

Just out of curiosity, how does the case compare in size to say an Xbox One or PS4? I'm looking into cases for a Steam machine so I want something rectangular like this, but I'm worried about it being too big and bulky for travel.

On a side note, wicked awesome setup. Loving the good ol' red and white schematic you got going on :)

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 1 point 19 months ago

The case is definitely bigger than both consoles combined. Due to the tempered glass and potential weight of the system it wouldn't be practical to travel with it.

xJeffro826x 1 point 19 months ago

Do you have any suggestions for any cases that might be smaller but still stylish? If not, it's no biggie since I don't really plan on traveling with it that much.

DGON-MKII submitter 6 Builds 2 points 19 months ago

I'm liking the unreleased Phanteks 217/217s. If I were to build a new system I'd probably wait for that case to release.

Aricknaa 1 point 17 months ago

Sup man, very nice build. I'm building a pc-05sx /w PETG and similar parts. Im curious what pump/res combo you used. I was going to use the XSPC Ion but the EK-XRES 100 DDC 3.2 looks similar to yours and would be a better look than the xspc ion but I'm just not sure if it would fit. Also have you ever had an issue with only having a 600w psu? Im looking at the 700w silverstone since after overclocking the cpu/gpu/ram it might push the corsair to its limits. What kind of overclock were you able to achieve with the 7700k?

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