Replaced my 12 year old rig with the 660 for this beast of a machine. She runs awesome and so far no problems with any of the components. Was worried that the GPU would sag so I created a 3D printed column that sits on one corner. Being my first custom build I felt I did make one mistake by going with the 212 evo and not a higher end cooler, but we shall see how she runs overtime. May replace in the future but for now it does fine. The 2070 super is a beast and having the M.2 and ssd for gaming and booting is amazing making me never want to go back to hdd.

Part Reviews


So far no issues with this CPU. It runs great for the gaming I do and being an intel person it was a nice upgrade from the original i5 in my old rig.

CPU Cooler

So far it has done a good job keeping the i7 cool even though I feel I undersized the cooler for the i7. But while gaming it keeps the i7 right around 53 C so no complaints and seems like a good cooler for now.


What to say, it is a nice board with the two M2 slots, set up nicely for installing everything and bios seems to be operable. First build so nothing to compare to but I like the look of the board and was real easy to install everything. No complaints so far.

Video Card

So far I love this card. Been playing my games on max settings and I feel like the card is looking at me like I am joking, like this is all you want me to do. But always liked the FTW cards starting with my old gtx 660 and EVGA for their customer service so this card was a no brainier, Can't wait to test it on newer games.


Being for my first build I loved the space that it provided to work as well as the ease for putting all things together. Nicely laid out for easy cable management and plenty of room for my big hands. I really liked this case as my first build case.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Similar build that I am building right now! I am a sucker for that case, It's huge! Great build

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks. I feel the same, when I first saw it I was like that will be my case and looked at no others. Overall love my build!

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build btw. Was wondering how are your idle and gaming temps? I have the same exact cpu and cooler and was wondering if my temps are any good?

Idle: 34-46 Gaming: 60-75