This computer was built for a client. The part list is in Canadian dollars (pre-tax total $1852.02 CAD, where 1 CAD equals about 0.75 USD) and is exclusive of local sales tax.

I received a request from a university professor who needed a Hackintosh built for his research lab. I was informed that it should adequately fulfill a very specific need. It turns out that an old student wrote some CUDA-accelerated image processing code on an old MacBook Air using MATLAB, and executing it on the said MacBook has toasted it, in addition to being painfully slow when that machine was still working.

Why not buy a new Mac? Well, there are no CUDA-capable Macs currently being sold! And the ones that are available are incredibly expensive. I was given CAD$2500 worth of grant money to work with, and that includes taxes, which are about 15%. I ended up spending about $2100. Why not Windows? The code is somehow platform-optimized and runs very poorly on that OS. Why not update the code? I don't know.

So I needed a Hackintosh capable of decent CUDA acceleration. Fantastic. All of the parts have to be compatible with Mac OS, and they have to be reasonably priced in this age of cryptocurrency mining and inflated RAM pricing. Unfortunately, niceties like NVMe SSDs, non-blower GPUs, and 64GB RAM didn't meet one or both of those criteria.

After much trial and error, I managed to come up with a workable solution "on the cheap." Here's the final product :)

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  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Any reason why the M9i is mounted vertically, not horizontally? Nice build +1

  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Not particularly, mostly aesthetics (logo orientation) lol

It doesn't matter too much with regards to thermals as the CPU's not being overclocked.